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Scrolls are a special type of Accessory available only in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.

Types of Scrolls[]

Weapon Scrolls[]

There's a Weapon Scroll for each Humanoid weapon. While a character has one equipped, their proficiency with that weapon becomes A, and their Aptitudes for that weapon's attacking stats become 120%.

They can be obtained as a general Felony reward for reaching Weapon Mastery level of 15 on the corresponding weapon, or from a special shop inside a Mystery Gate.

(The weapon scrolls are known to be glitched, showing the change to 120% but not actually changing the aptitude value)

Treasure Maps[]

Treasure Maps are acquired by defeating Item World Pirates. Equipping Treasure Maps increases the chance of Pirates appearing, making it easier to get more maps. Gathering all 16 grants access to the Land of Carnage.

If you lose one(for example, by selling it) you can just defeat the corresponding Pirates again to recover it.

Magichange Scroll[]

If a monster Magichanges while they have one equipped, the Magichange weapon will retain part of the stats of the Humanoid's original weapon. The default value is 30%, increased by 1% for every 2 Item Levels in the scroll, thus reaching 100% inheritance at level 140.

It can be acquired by stealing it from the Animal Pirates, or as a once-per-savefile Felony reward.