Scrolls are a special type of weapon available only in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and the remake Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. Scrolls are equipment that can be used in different ways, depending on the scroll.

Types of ScrollsEdit

Weapon Mastery ScrollsEdit

Weapon Mastery Scrolls allow you to make the equipped character better at using a certain weapon. It will cause their mastery for that weapon to become A and the aptitudes needed to use that weapon become 120%, thereby making them able to use them. Example: Flonne has an E in Fist Mastery and 100% Attack and 80% Speed Aptitudes but if equipped with a Fist Scroll, her Fist Mastery becomes A and her Attack and Speed become 120% each, thereby allowing her to use Fist type weapons to much better effect. They are acquired by going to the Dark Court in a Subpoena for a Weapon Mastery Crime or by buying them from a Sinner in the Item World.

(The weapon scroll are known to be glitched it does show the change from anything to 120% but the change does not happen statwise no matter of item equip order.)

Treasure MapsEdit

Treasure Maps are acquire by defeating Item World Pirates. By equipping Treasure Maps, you can increase how often Pirates appear, allowing you to get more maps. Getting all 16 allows you access to the Land of Carnage but losing one by selling it cuts off access to the Land of Carnage, requiring you to find the and defeat Pirate you originally got it from before you can go back to the Land of Carnage.

Magichange ScrollsEdit

Magichange Scrolls are used for Magichange and only available in Dark Hero Days. It allows the monster that is magichanging to add their stats onto the stats of the weapon that the humanoid receiving the Magichange already has, making Magichange much more effective. It can be acquired by stealing it from the Animal Pirates or by getting it from the Dark Court in the Magichange Self Subpoena.

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