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Rozalin the Liar is the second episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


After the fight with Axel, Adell demands to go to Zenon's castle with Rozalin. When they go Rozalin is merely trying to trick Adell into thinking that it is Zenon's castle. However later it is portrayed that it is Zenon's castle. Later in the set of levels, Adell and Rozalin face off against a jealous Tink, Rozalin's split personality friend, that was changed into a frog. When you defeat him Tink joins your party and Rozalin and Tink think of ways to get rid of Adell. Then later Axel once again tries to defeat Adell, only to get defeated yet again, the news show at the end of the episode calls Axel " an imposter who potrayed the late Dark Hero, Axel" as the episode fades out with a furious Axel and his director.