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Rosen Queen is an Evil Symbol from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. The bill to unlock it becomes available at the start of Chapter 3.

Having it placed opens up the Specialty Shop, which sells Accessories and HP/SP healing items. The items available at the shop depend on the tiles of the Cam-Pain HQ covered by the Symbol and its Evil Area, though the stage corresponding to a tile must've been completed first for the shop to include it.

List of Locations and Items[]

Location Items
1-1, Rehabilitation Room N/A
1-2, Reincarnation Site Power Belt
1-3, Prinselytise Room Slippers
1-4, Albatross Collar Common Orb
1-5, Disaster First Glasses
2-1, Rotten Sickbed Brawny Muscle
2-2, Hypha Invasion Sardine
2-3, Forest of Corpses Power Belt, Slippers
2-4, Whispering Curse Common Orb, Glasses
2-5, Plan of the Wicked Brawny Muscle, Sardine
2-6, Altar of Waste Power Belt, Slippers, Common Orb
3-1, Murder Labyrinth Glasses, Brawny Muscle, Sardine
3-2, Searing Euthanasia Exertion Belt
3-3, Chains of Judgment Cross-Trainers
3-4, Vengeful Road Psycho Orb
3-5, Dark Execution Binoculars
3-6, The Forbidden Cell Kung-Fu Muscle
4-1, Ultra Security Caterpillar Egg
4-2, Rotten Core Cross-Trainers, Exertion Belt
4-3, Total Fabrication Psycho Orb, Binoculars
4-4, Conspiracy Kung-Fu Muscle, Caterpillar Egg
4-5, Evil Propaganda Exertion Belt, Cross-Trainers, Psycho Orb
4-6, Fall of the Zenith Binoculars, Kung-Fu Muscle, Caterpillar Egg
5-1, Scream Park Energy Belt
5-2, Lost Dignity Ninja Tabi
5-3, Wounded Pride Dark Orb
5-4, Ruin Coaster Nerd Glasses
5-5, Frantic Wheel Spirit Muscle
5-6, Murder-Go-Round Charred Newt
6-1, Winter Cemetery Energy Belt, Ninja Tabi
6-2, Oblivion Hill Dark Orb, Nerd Glasses
6-3, Ghoul Standard Spirit Muscle, Charred Newt
6-4, Abysmal Mirage Energy Belt, Ninja Tabi, Dark Orb
6-5, The Defiled Nerd Glasses, Spirit Muscle, Charred Newt
6-6, Fractured Bouquet Beastly Belt
6-7, Infringement N/A
7-1, Rebel Invasion Falcon Shoes
7-2, Shard of Regret Bloody Orb
7-3, Busted Mythology Plastic Nose
7-4, Dark History Fight Muscle
7-5, Dark History Chicken Blood
7-6, Overlord's Test Beastly Belt, Falcon Shoes
7-7, Feast of the Wolf Bloody Orb, Plastic Nose
7-8, Evil Office Fight Muscle, Chicken Blood
8-1, Rising Tragedy Beastly Belt, Falcon Shoes, Bloody Orb
8-2, Deadly Elevator Plastic Nose, Fight Muscle, Chicken Blood
8-3, Section D Aura Belt
8-4, Chaos Factory Aero Sneakers
8-5, Section G9 Astral Orb
8-6, Two-Headed Dragon Opera Glasses
8-7, Mission Improbable Ace Muscle
8-8, True Final Weapon Snake Kidney
9-1, Gloomy Moon Aura Belt, Aero Sneakers
9-2, 3rd Colony Astral Orb, Opera Glasses
9-3, Parasite Nest Ace Muscle, Snake Kidney
9-4, Concrete Knowledge Aura Belt, Aero Sneakers, Astral Orb
9-5, Evil Heresy Opera Glasses, Ace Muscle, Snake Kidney
9-6, Sign of Demolition Spirit Belt
10-1, Swarming Malice Winged Boots
10-2, Disaster Dimension Lunar Orb
10-3, Ruler's Wound Nightvision
10-4, Dark Mud Victory Muscle
10-5, Deadly Option Yummy Kimchee
10-6, Boiling Point Spirit Belt, Winged Boots
Mt. Ordeal 1 Aura Belt, Aero Sneakers, Astral Orb, Opera Glasses
Mt. Ordeal 2 Spirit Belt, Winged Boots, Ace Muscle, Snake Kidney
Mt. Ordeal 3 Lunar Orb, Nightvision, Victory Muscle, Yummy Kimchee
Mt. Ordeal 4 Bravery Belt, Angel's Shoes, Royal Orb, Crosshair