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Robots Attack! is an extra stage in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. It is unlocked by a Senator Adell bill, which becomes available after beating Extra Stage 3 and then using 3 Defender of Earth Cellphones.


Before the battle[]

Multiple copy robots appear, claiming to be not just copies but improved versions of Kurtis. Kurtis claims that soulless machines like them could never be Defenders of Earth, but the robots say that all they need to be perfect is to take his soul. The robots attack but Kurtis refuses to back down, at which point Gordon appears in order to help.

After the battle[]

The remaining robot still can't comprehend how they could lose, and proceeds to explain how even its creator found them defective for lack of a soul and threw them away. Kurtis chastises the robot for blaming its metal body for their lack of a soul, and proceeds to defeat it. Knowing that more robots might be on the way, Kurtis and Gordon's team decide to go to earth to stop the problem at its root, dropping a DoE ID Card as they leave.