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Road of Flames is the first map in the fourth episode, Gift From an Angel, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Complaining of the heat, Etna wants to leave. Laharl finds a feather, and asks if it belongs to Flonne; she says no, the feather comes from an angel more powerful than she. Etna wonders if this mystery angel is the one who stole Flonne's pendant.

Map Strategy[]

The only thing worth noting is the EXP + 100 Geo effects, which great for characters falling behind in level to catch up. so it is usually a good idea to try and get into a position to take advantage of this from turn one. When dealing with the leader of the map, be careful, as it is considerably more powerful than the rest of the foes here.

Level Grinding[]

This level becomes an excellent spot for early Reincarnation if the player invests in the Item World early on. Combining all four of the Pumpkins near the Base Panel into a single enemy will form a Level 36 enemy. Since attacks from behind have about an 80% chance of hitting, characters with IW-boosted equipment can potentially gain at least 10 levels if they manage to deliver the killing blow. Doing this two or three times per character can give them enough Mana for an early Reincarnation. An early reincarnation can be useful for gaining extra power for your characters by having some stats gain more points per level up.