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River of Lava is the 3rd map in Chronicles of Etnarnia, the 3rd episode of Etna Mode.


Flonne confronts Etna about her foul deeds. She wants to teach Etna what it means to be a true Space Detective.


The left side of the map is a good place to start. It has a group of four enemies nicely put together, and conveniently placed on panels with a +150% EXP bonus. Use area of effect skills and spells to quickly eliminate this quartet. Next, target the poorly disguised Flonne. Once these 5 enemies are out of the way, repeat this strategy on the right side of the map. It's best to focus on eliminating the Oakrots first, because they can inflict status ailments like paralysis and poison with their Putrid Breath attack. The Dark Knights are powerfull and best left for last.

Upon revisiting this stage, the S. Detective and the Dark Knights are replaced by a single Zombie. This is a copy of the unique zombie from the main story in Ember of Dreams. It carries the Special items: Horse Wiener, Mahogany's Brain en Hercules' Body. For completionists who want to farm all rarities for these items, this is the place to do it.