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D4 Reverse Pirating Example

A Reverse Pirating stage in Disgaea 4.

Reverse Pirating is a gameplay feature available in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice and Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

This feature allows you to invade an Item World style stage as a Pirate in order to get various prizes.


Reverse Pirating is an option from the Item World NPC, and much like regular Item World it requires choosing an item to enter.

You can only Reverse Pirate in an item once for every 20 Item World floors that have been cleared in it, limiting it to 1 visit for Common items, 3 visits for Rare and 5 visits for Legendary.


When accessing this feature the player must also choose a Ship to invade the stage with. The chosen ship determines how many turns they have to collect rewards, and how many rewards can be taken in the Ship.

Disgaea 3 has a fixed list of ships(see here for details), while Disgaea 4 has the Pirate Editor feature where you make a custom ship by combining various parts.


The main point of Reverse Pirating stages is that they contain lots of Treasure Chests, Specialists, and Level Spheres.

Level Spheres can't be obtained by lifting them as usual, and are only collected if they are standing on the ship when the time runs out. These stages can contain special Yellow and Red Level Spheres, which grant the item 10 and 15 levels respectively.

While Specialists can be subdued by killing as usual, their level will only be doubled if they are obtained by being thrown onto the ship. These stages can contain rare Specialist types, like Statisticians or the various Item Stat boosting Specialists.