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Reincarnation, also known as Transmigration, is a feature that lets characters restart at level 1, gaining various bonuses in the process.

How it works[]

Reincarnation is one of the options available at the Dark Assembly. It has a base cost of 100 Mana, and afterwards a reincarnation quality must be selected, each with its own aditional Mana cost and limitations.

When a character reincarnates, the levels they had are stored into a counter and they go back to level 1, with the following effects:

  • Increased base stats(details below).
  • Generic characters can switch to any class and tier available.
  • The character keeps any learned Weapon Skills, Spells and non-native Evilities. Unique skills are also kept if reincarnated into the same class.
  • (Disgaea 3 onwards) Unique characters(and Generics too from Disgaea D2 onwards) get a permanent 5% increase to all their Aptitudes, decreased to 1% if not reincarnating into the same class and tier. Can be stacked up to 25% bonus(increased to 30% in Disgaea 7).

There's 6 quality tiers to reincarnation(the same that appear during character creation), determining the strength of some bonuses. Each class has its own set of Mana costs, with higher qualities costing more Mana.

Quality Inheritance Rate Default
Bonus Points
Base Stats
Increase Cap
D1 D2 to DD2 D5
Good-for-nothing 15% 45% 50% -5 15
Incompetent 30% 55% 60% 1 20
Average 45% 65% 70% 3 25
Skilled 60% 75% 80% 6 30
Distinguished 80% 85% 90% 8 35
Genius 95% 95% 100% 10 40
  • Inherited Experience: When characters reincarnate they lose a part of their total Weapon Mastery experience and Skill Level experience. The new amount depends on the Inheritance Rate and is equal to (CurrentEXP+50)*Rate - 50 (that fixed 50 increased to 160 in Disgaea 5), with level being adjusted to the new total experience.
  • Base Stats Increase: All base stats are increased based on what the character's stats were before reincarnating. This increase has a cap per stat, depending on the selected quality. The highest possible increase of 40 is reached by having a value of at least 2.240.000 for HP, and 280.000 for other stats. Note that this bonus is reset with each reincarnation.
  • Extra Bonus Points: Just like during character creation, the character gets Bonus Points that can be freely distributed to increase any base stat you want. Each quality has a default amount of points, but this number increases depending on the total amount of levels the character has stored(not counting the amount just stored during their latest reincarnation). The maximum increase is 200 extra Bonus Points, reached at 186.000 stored levels. Disgaea 5 removes this cap, making it possible keep gaining points until you can max out every base stat.

Below is a list of the specifics for each game.


In this game the process was known as Transmigration(though certain ports did update it to Reincarnation). Characters must be at least Demon Rank 3 to Transmigrate.

Bills that increase Move and Throw are lost upon Transmigrating, and will have to be passed again. Unique Skills are also lost, even when Transmigrating into the same class.

Unlike other games, Humanoid units can't Transmigrate into Monster units, and viceversa. Prinnies, however, serve as a wildcard here, where any class(Humanoid or Monster) can Transmigrate into them and they can Transmigrate into any class as well.

Disgaea 2[]

Two small variants of Reincarnation are also available for this game, both with the added effect of removing the Felonies on a character:

  • Generic characters have the "Reincarnate as a Prinny" option, which does exactly what the name says.
  • Unique characters have the "Reincarnate to Atone for Sins" option, which is the same as regular Reincarnation but costs 400 Mana.

Disgaea 3[]

From this game onwards, the base Mana cost of reincarnation for a Generic character is doubled each time they reincarnate.

The amount of times a character can visit the Class World is limited depending on their creation/reincarnation quality, recharging with each reincarnation.

The stats gained from Serums do not carry over throughout Reincarnation.

Disgaea 4[]

Similar to Disgaea 3, reincarnation quality limits a character's visits to the Chara World, and they recharge with each reincarnation.

Disgaea D2[]

Unlike older games, the stat-increasing Bills are maintained. Stats absorbed from Land of Carnage enemies also carry over with every reincarnation.

Reincarnation becomes much more useful playing with Rasetsu Mode turned on in the Cheat Shop:

  • The limit to stored levels is drastically increased, with Bonus Points being able to reach over 1000.
  • A new Growth Correction is applied to the stats gained from level up. The percentage modifier is (NumberOfReincarnations*0.4)^2, capped at 10000% at 250 reincarnations.

Disgaea 5[]

The stats gained from Revenge Shards and Magic Extracts are not lost by reincarnating.

Despite being able to be removed from the party permanently and renamed similarly to a recruited character, the DLC squad of Prinnies cannot be reincarnated into a different class.

Disgaea 6[]

Unlike prior games, which use a Bonus Points system where one point can be used to increase a base stat by one, Disgaea 6's Super Reincarnation uses a different point system titled "Karma" in which the cost to increase a base stat by one point increases as the base stat increases. Karma is also used to purchase upgrades such as maximum movement range increases.