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Reflection Pond is the 2nd non-tutorial map of The Overlord's Daughter, the 1st episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

Adell and Rozalin stumble upon a group of Prinnies and Adell questions whether this is truly the right path, but Rozalin reassures that it's normal for the path to an Overlord to be full of challenges.

After the battle[]

SPOILERS, click "Expand" to view

At Zenon's castle, a Masked Man informs him that the princess has disappeared, and soon after a Masked Woman confirms that seems to have been because of a summoning ritual. Zenon then orders them to find Rozalin and eliminate the guards at her mansion.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Finish the stage without taking damage.

This map has an enemy boost x3, and there is a horrible Dark Sun effect, Game Over, after a few turns. The point of this one is to kill four Orc Masters and the one Orc King.