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Rebel of Hades is the first chapter of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.


Valvatorez and his faithful servant Fenrich are Prinny Instructors in Hades. One day, while finalizing the training of some Prinnies on the recurring Tutorial maps, the Prinnies that Valvatorez and Fenrich were teaching are sucked away by a dark vortex.

Realizing this as an act by the corrupterment that rules the Netherworld, Valvatorez, who promised the Prinnies sardines, rebels against the corrupternment to save the Prinnies. In doing so, he fights the warden of Hades, Axel. Axel tells Valvatorez that the extermination of the Prinnies is a Corrupterment order. Despite this, Valvatorez is still determined to keep his promise to the Prinnies which is feeding them one sardine each. Valvatorez and Fenrich defeat Axel who runs away afterward. The President's elite assassination force, Abbadon is revealed to have been sent to Hades to quell the rebellion. Axel tries to suck up to the Abbadon troops but they think he is the culprit behind the rebellion for Fenrich had tricked them into thinking the Warden is the mastermind. Axel is forced to fight alongside Valvatorez and Fenrich and manages to defeat the Abbadon troops. Afterward, Axel is also forced into following them.

They meet the President's son, Sir Death Emizel who is the leader of the Abbadon. Emizel thinks they are foolish for wanting to rebel against the Corrupterment and leaves more of the Abbadon troops to fight Valvatorez. Arriving at the area where the Prinnies are being held prisoner, they come face to face with Emizel again. Axel tries to suck up to Emizel but Fenrich tricks Emizel into thinking that Axel is trying to assassinate him instead. Emizel panics and strikes Axel with his staff, causing to fall to the ground, seemingly dead. Valvatorez is horrified by this and promises to release the Prinnies in Axel's name. Emizel is surprised at the reason that Valvatorez is rebelling against the Corrupterment for. Valvatorez is still determined to release the Prinnies and fights Emizel. After defeating all challenges in his way, Valvatorez frees the Prinnies and Emizel flees.

The Prinnies are thankful to Valvatorez but learn the bad news that the Corrupterment is still plotting to assassinate them. The Prinnies decide to become Valvatorez's vassals so they will be safe and be able to repay him. After freeing the Prinnies, Valvatorez is challenged by a girl in a prinny hat to a war, leading into the next episode.


If the player lost to Emizel on Map 1-5 (Disaster First), he or she will get the Emizel Ending and be forced to start a new cycle.


  • Rehabilitation Room
  • Reincarnation Site
  • Prinselytise Room
  • Albatross Collar
  • Disaster First