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Re-education? Zettai Prinny Project! is the second episode of The Fuka and Desco Show.

Completing this episode unlocks Hugo as a playable unit.


Valvatorez finds out about Fuka's plan of reincarnation and tells her that she must become a proper Prinny first. Fuka refuses to do so as she wants to remain as herself. Seeing her refusal, Valvatorez tells her that he'll re-educate her through the Zettai Prinny Project which has a 120% success rate of re-educating its Prinnies. If Valvatorez fails in re-educating her, he'll let Fuka live her life any way she wants. Valvatorez leaves with Fenrich to the Zettai Prinny Project afterwards. Desco decides to hire Artina and Emizel as the "Big Sis Bodyguards".

Fuka goes through multiple trials, refusing re-education from the multiple instructors hired by Valvatorez who is impressed at her refusal as a Prinny. He decides to challenge Fuka as her final trial and if she wins, Valvatorez will have to fulfill his promise of letting Fuka continue her life. Fenrich tells her it's too late to turn back and fights along Valvatorez. Fuka decides to form the Final Formation of the Tri-Angels with Desco and Artina, the three of them posing in a Sailor Moon-like style with Emizel stating that he is confused. They manage to win against Valvatorez and Fenrich who questions how much power Fuka has. Fuka notices that Valvatorez was going easy on her as he did not want to forget her if she became a Prinny and reincarnated. Valvatorez fulfills his promise and lets Fuka be herself but Fuka decides that she will still reincarnate. Desco, not being able to handle the turn of events goes into a frozen state with Fenrich stating she simply has an overload. Fuka asks Emizel to accept her last wish of reincarnation but Emizel tells her she will lose all of her memories if she reincarnates.

Desco wakes up from her frozen state is greatly upset that Fuka will lose her memories of her. Desco then splits into two, with the other Desco (a green palette) telling Fuka she will not accept it.


  • The First Trial
  • The Second Trial
  • The Third Trial
  • The Last Trial