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For the informal description of the various tiers of items, see Rank.

Rarity is a measure of how common a specific item is compared to others of its exact kind, with less common versions being stronger.

Rarity Value and Categories[]

Each item when generated by the game gets assigned a random Rarity value, which in turn defines its Rarity category. How it works and the bonuses associated with Rarity changes throughout the franchise.

Disgaea 1 to 4[]

Rarity value ranges from 0 to 255, with the categories being assigned as follows:

  • From 0 to 7 the item is Rarity Legendary (Old) IconLegendary: Increases base stats by 50%, has 100 Item World floors.
  • From 8 to 31 the item is Rarity Rare (Old) IconRare: Increases base stats by 25%, has 60 Item World floors.
  • From 32 to 255 the item is Rarity Common (Old) IconCommon: No stat increase, has 30 Item World Floors.

Disgaea 2 introduced a Specialist called Collector, which increases the Rarity value of the item that contains it(rolling back to 0 if it crosses 255).

Magichange weapons always have a Rarity value of 0.

Disgaea D2[]

This game uses the same categories and bonuses as previous ones, however the Rarity values have been removed and categories are assigned at random.

Going through all of an item's Item World floors improves its category(thus increasing base stats and amount of floors), however Item World floor progress is reset.

Disgaea 5 onward[]

The system has been completely reworked compared to previous entries. Rarity values go from 1 to 100, but items will only be generated with values up to 50. Categories are assigned as follows: Rarity Common (New) IconCommon from 1 to 24, Rarity Rare (New) IconRare from 25 to 49, Rarity Legendary (New) IconLegendary from 50 to 99, and the new Rarity Epic IconEpic category at 100. The % stat increase is now equal to the Rarity value rather than being a fixed amount dependent on the category, and is applied after all modifiers except Innocents.

The Rarity value of items can be increased by beating Item Bosses, Invading Armies and battles in Mystery Rooms in the Item World, also improving the category accordingly.

Magichange weapons keep the Rarity of the weapon they replaced.

Same Rarity Bonus[]

If a character equips multiple items with the same Rarity value, those items get a 10% stat bonus per repetition: 10% bonus for 2 matching items, 20% bonus for 3 items, and 30% bonus when all 4 items match.

As Disgaea D2 removed values the system changed to depend on matching category instead, however it does not apply to Common items.

Disgaea 5 still matches based on category despite values returning, however the bonus per repetition was decreased and now depends on the category: 2% for Rare items, 4% for Legendary and 5% for Epic. Thus, this reaches a maximum bonus of 15% with 4 Epic items. Furthermore, this bonus is now added to the effect of Aptitudes rather than being a separate multiplier.


Each item has a special stat called Population, determining the amount of Specialists it can hold.

In Disgaea 1, items are generated with a random amount of Population slots: up to 7 for Common items, up to 10 for Rare, and up to 13 for Legendary. The number of slots increases by 1 when killing an Item King or Item God, making it 1 possible increase for Common items, 2 for Rare and 3 for Legendary.

From Disgaea 2 onward the amount of starting slots is lower, and now it's fixed rather than a variable amount: 4 slots for Common, 5 for Rare, and 6 for Legendary. They can be increased exactly 2 times, either by killing Item Kings/Gods or in the Item Assembly.