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Rangers' Return is an extra stage in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. The bill to unlock it becomes available in episode 12.


Before the battle[]

The Prism Rangers appear, finally able to recite their full entrance speech. Our heroes are happy for them but ask about the two new members, and Prism Red explains they were the only people who showed up to take their offer of joining. Regardless, now that their team is complete, Red decides it's time to fight Adell once more in order to to regain their pride.

After the battle[]

Even with all their colors, the Prism Rangers still couldn't win. Adell asks what their goal was and Red says that they wanted to destroy Overlord Zenon, to which Adell replies that they wouldn't stand a chance against him. Red accepts the reality of the situation and decides to entrust his task to our heroes, changing Adell's class title to Prism Black. Adell is not happy about this reward, and Rozalin is sad she doesn't get to be Prism Pink.