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Putrid Courtroom is the 6th and final map of Zenon Appears!, the 8th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


After the battle[]

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The party has made good progress and they still have energy left. They encounter the Masked Woman, however she presents no opposition and advices them to keep going. Adell is curious about her friendly disposition, but she leaves as the others rush him to the exit.

News Broadcast[]

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Usagi presents a special report confirming that Zenon has been defeated by Etna. He also reports that the information comes from Axel, confirming that he's still alive, and that his producer has been arrested for covering up his status. The public is excited for his return, and he's back to stardom once more.

At a certain castle in another world, it turns out Laharl was watching the report. Apparently Etna escaped without notice, and now that he's confirmed her location he's planning to go looking for her.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Fill the Bonus Gauge to level 5 or more.