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Psycho's Hideout is the 3rd non-tutorial map of The Overlord's Daughter, the 1st episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


After the battle[]

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Rozalin questions why Adell wants to beat Zenon and if he truly believes he can win. Adell explains how the curse has corrupted the people of this world including his family, and reaffirms his intentions to protect them. Rozalin still wonders what makes him so confident, and Adell points out that there has to be some special meaning to his immunity to the curse. She complains that this isn't a real reason to think he can fight Zenon but Adell retorts by claiming that he needs no reasons beyond his strong will to fight.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Take damage from an enemy.

The Dark World version of this map contains an Enemy Boost x3 panel completely covering the starting island (symbol on a single-tile panel on top of the house's chimney), and three high-level Mystic Beasts.