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Prism Red
D6 Piyori Model
Movement Icon Mv Jump Icon Jm Range Icon Rng Throw Icon Thr Counter Icon Ctr Critical Icon Crit
5 25 1 4 3 10%
Base Stats
28 26 27 23
15 19 27 26
Weapon Mastery
Fist Sword Spear Bow
B-15 A-20 C-10 B-15
Gun Axe Staff Armor
A-20 C-10 D-5 C
Fire: 50% Wind: 0% Ice: -25% Star: 0%
Weapon Resistances
Fist Sword Spear Bow
0% 10% 0% 0%
Gun Axe Staff
30% 0% -10%
Unlocked By: At the beginning of Episode 4

Prism Red is Piyori's exclusive class in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.


"Leader of the Prism Rangers. Overcame the confines of TV, and wants to boost viewership as the first female leader."



Name Level Stat/Effect Power SP Height Range/Description
Prism Punisher 1 WeaponStat D(105%) 3199 20/20 Hits single panel, 3 spaces away.
A traditional move performed by masked heroes...
Prism Accelerator 300 WeaponStat E+(90%) 4799 12/12 Hits 5 panels vertically, in front of you. Moves you forward 6 spaces.
A quick attack that utilizes the Ultra Prismatic Accelerator!
Prism Dynamite 1200 WeaponStat B(140%) 6399 24/24 Hits 5 panels horizontally, in front of you.
With the five of us combined, we're the Prism Rangers!
Prism End 6000 WeaponStat SS+(200%) 9199 20/20 Hits panel in front of you.
Cut through the evil darkness with the power of light!


Generic Evility: Click here for generic evilities
Evility Effect Slots Requirements
Heroic Virtue Increase damage dealt by 2% for every 1% of missing HP. Unique Initial
Heroic Insight Increase Critical rate by 30% against higher level units. Unique During Stage 8-5
Team Player Increase stats by 2% per ally unit on the map. 3 100 Mana
Reflexes Increase SPD by 10%. 1 Level 100
250 Mana
Prism Emblem Increase stats by 30% if at least 7 units with Prism Emblem are dispatched. 4 Level 500
1000 Mana
Critical Charge Increase Critical rate by 5% per panel moved this turn. 5 Level 1000
2500 Mana
Justice Prevails Increase Critical damage bonus by +100%. 5 Level 5000
5000 Mana
Winning is Justice Increase damage dealt by 1% per time the current stage has been cleared. (Max 50%) 3 Clear Episode 4
(5000 Mana)
Super Hero Soul If HP ≤ 10%, increase damage dealt by 50%. 2 Clear Episode 8
(5000 Mana)