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Prism Rangers

Prism Red (center), posing heroically with the other Prism Rangers.

Prism Red is the well-meaning, but somewhat odd leader of the Ultra Chroma Power Squad Prism Rangers, a group of human superheroes. He is brave and believes in upholding justice, however, he is rather weak. Nonetheless, he does his best. The other Prism Rangers are, for the most part, his only friends. He is never seen wearing anything besides his full-body Prism Ranger uniform.


Disgaea: Hour of Darkness[]

Prism Red makes his first appearance in Episode 6. He, along with Prism Blue and Prism Yellow, are wistful about only having each other for friends, and not having enough Prism Rangers for a full rainbow-colored team. They challenge Laharl in hopes of claiming the title of Overlord, thinking that it will make people want to be their friends, so that they can finally have a full and proper team of rangers. The three of them attempt to transform into a more powerful form to battle Laharl, but Etna incapacitates Blue and Yellow before they can do so. Now alone and unable to transform, Red calls upon a group of demon mercenaries he had hired, and attempts to fight Laharl and co., but is defeated. The Prism Rangers do not appear again for the remainder of the game.

In Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Prism Red can be obtained as a playable character, though he has the extremely weak Doll class and is meant more as a novelty than a unit for the player to actually use. In Disgaea 1 Complete, Prism Red is given a new class that is much more powerful, allowing him to be a somewhat viable unit, and Prism Blue and Prism Yellow are made obtainable playable characters as well.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories[]

When Overlord Zenon hosts a fighting tournament, Prism Red enters it together with the other Prism Rangers. In the time since being defeated by Laharl and co., the Prism Rangers managed to recruit two more members: Prism Green and Prism Purple, bringing them closer to being a full rainbow-colored team. The Rangers manage to score a few victories in the tournament, and soon come to face Adell and Rozalin's group. Though the Prism Rangers are able to properly fight as a team this time, they still lose, and are eliminated from the tournament.

Though the Prism Rangers do not appear again for the remainder of the story, they can be met again in an optional bonus stage. They have now recruited two more members, Prism Orange and Prism Indigo, finally attaining their goal of creating a full team of superheroes dressed in all seven colors of the rainbow. They challenge Adell and Rozalin to battle again, and although they lose again, they take their defeat in stride, and name Adell an honorary member of the Prism Rangers, bestowing him the title of Prism Black, much to Adell's chagrin. Rozalin requests to be named Prism Pink, but she goes ignored. Following this, the player is able to pass bills in the Dark Assembly to have the Prism Rangers appear in Holt Village, where they promise to defend the village while Adell is away, however, they serve no actual function. In Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, however, another bill can be passed that makes Prism Red a playable character who can join Adell in battle.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice[]

Prism Red, along with some of the other Prism Rangers, can seemingly be met in the classroom, but these are merely troublemakers pretending to be the Prism Rangers, not the real deal, and must be shooed out of the classrom by placing specific types of units next to them to make them leave and free up valuable seats to allow additional units to be created. The real Prism Red can be met in the postgame, where he is the latest victim in the string of mysterious thefts that have been occuring throughout Evil Academy, having had all of the other Rangers stolen from him. Desperate for companionship, Prism Red attempts to recruit Mao and co. as substitute Prism Rangers, though when Mao insists on being the one to hold the title of Prism Red, it leads to a battle, which Prism Red loses. Out of pity, the group allows him to tag along as they continue to investigate the thefts, though the other Prism Rangers are never found in-story.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten[]

Prism Red only appears as a paid DLC character in this game. In Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited and Disgaea 4 Complete+, he is included in the base game, along with all of the other DLC from the original version of the game.

Prism Red has seemingly once again been separated from the other Prism Rangers. The loneliness seems to have taken a toll on his sanity, as he wanders around Hades, proclaiming that he has no friends, and attempting to force random demons to become Prism Rangers. When Valvatorez and co. are hosting interviews, Prism Red goes to see them in hopes of convincing them to become Prism Rangers. Valvatorez rejects him, stating that he and his companions are already a team with strong bonds, and he decides to teach Prism Red a lesson about true camarderie through battle. Following the battle, Valvatorez and co. make their own Prism Rangers-esque dramatic hero speech, and seeing other people with such a strong friendship causes the sadness Prism Red feels from his own lack of friends to intensify. Valvatorez pulls Prism Red up and tells him not to despair, as he proclaims that he and his companions shall all be Prism Red's friends from now on, making the Ranger overjoyed to not be alone and friendless any longer.

Obtaining Prism Red gives the player access to the Prism Ranger generic class, allowing the player to create Prism Rangers in each of the other six colors, thus allowing Prism Red to be reunited with the other Rangers if the player so desires to create them.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny[]

Prism Red, the character, does not appear in this game. However, the role and title of Prism Red have now been taken up by his younger sister, Piyori Nijino.