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Prinny Wars is the second chapter of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.


After the end of Episode 1, Valvatorez begins to wonder whether 'that lass' was telling the truth about declaring war on him. Immediately, Fenrich and two Prinnies enter, carrying news that "the prinny girl " has been found. Valvatorez excited to locate 'this rogue' heads off to the Swamp of Evil to catch the girl.

In the swamp, Val and Fenrich encounter the girl, revealing herself to be a human called Fuka Kazumatsuri, 9th grader at her high school in the human world. Confused, Valvatorez asks her how she died and became a Prinny, causing Fuka to ask him if he's crazy. Later, when the two encounter her again, she proclaims that she has figured out the Netherworld, claiming it to be a dream. She runs away once again.

In the third stage, she claims to have found her 'secret weapon' to destroy Valvatorez and Fenrich . It turns out her so-called weapon is Emizel , who is more than happy to have another attempt at putting down the rebellion. After his defeat, Fuka calls him a weakling and runs off again. When she is cornered at the next stage, Fuka challenges them to a duel claiming that if she wins, Valvatorez and Fenrich have to acknowledge that the Netherworld is a dream. Fenrich calls her delusional, but Valvatorez , being the proud noble he is, accepts her challenge. The victor ends up being Valvatorez, and she runs off for the last time. Despite Fenrich's pleas to let the her die, Valvatorez states that is his duty as a Prinny Instructor to teach Prinnies, even if they don't look right.

At the final stage, Alter of Waste, Valvatorez and Fenrich find Fuka cornered by a giant Slime . Desperate, she turns to Val and Fenrich , saying she's sorry, and begging for help. Fenrich starts to deny her, but Valvatorez accepts her apology and allows her to join the group. After they win, Fuka fully joins the Hades Party, thrilled to see the rest of her 'dream'.


Emizel Ending 2: If the player lost to Emizel on Map 2-4 (Whispering Curse), they will get the Emizel Ending and be forced to start a New Cycle.

Fuka Ending: If the player lost to Fuka on Map 2-5 (Plan of the Wicked), they will get the Fuka Ending and be forced to start a New Cycle.


  • Rotten Sickbed
  • Hypha Invasion
  • Forest of Corpses
  • Whispering Curse
  • Plan of the Wicked
  • Altar of Waste