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“We challenge you to a game of baseball, dood!”
—Prinny Squad, Laharl's Challenge

The Prinny Squad are the group of hired Prinnies that follow Etna in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


After Maderas stole Etna's memories, Maderas hired several Prinnies to watch over Etna, and report back to him. However, they were quickly bought out by Etna, as preparation for her revenge. Ruling them with an iron fist, and her dastardly fear tactics, Etna is now the one thing the Prinnies fear most. They go so far as to attempt to sneak out of the castle and reincarnate in order to escape from Etna and Laharl.

During the competition in Blair Forest, the Prinny Squad challenges Laharl to a game of baseball, which he ignores, opting to simply kill them all.

Their abuse is a running gag in Disgaea, as they are forced to follow both Etna and Laharl, who both treat them cruelly. They work 20-hour-workdays with no breaks, and their life is also constantly at risk, due to Etna's cruel nature.

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