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Prinny Research Squad is a Flash incremental game released to promote Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.


The Prinny Elder has given control of raising Prinnies to send off to other planets for exploration to an unnamed Prinny (likely intended to be the player).


The player sends off various Prinnies to explore other planets.

When a player sends off a rocket to a planet, every minute an event happens to the Squad Leader Prinny of the exploration, such as finding a Treasure Chest containing Hell, or getting in a battle with an enemy.

Battles sometimes take place during departures. If the Squad Leader wins a battle, all Prinnies on the departure gain experience, while if the Squad Leader loses a battle, its soul is detached from its Prinny skin and can not take part in more battles until it is revived, through the battle will continue with a new squad leader. Prinnies can be revived during a departure when a Sardine is found. Prinnies that gain enough experience will level up. Using items obtained after successfully clearing explorations 100%, a Prinny that has reached a certain level may be able to evolve.

Prinny souls that are not in a skin and are not departed can be gradually put into a Prinny skin. The "Hand of God" can be used to speed up this process and the movement of the rocket. By clicking on a rocket or a Prinny skin repeatedly, the action will speed up.

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