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Prinny Mask

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice character
Kana プリニー仮面
Romaji Purinī Kamen
Japanese Voice actor(s)
English Voice actor(s)
Age Unknown
Home Evil Academy
Race Demon
Class Space Detective?

Space Detective Prinny Mask is one of the Diez Gentlemen in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Self described as a "Overly Powerful and Antisocial Man", he was originally a wannabe space detective who lived in the Prinny Statue. Sometime around the beginning of the story, Aurum appeared to him and asked him to remodel the campus, making him a Diez Gentleman in the process. Every night since then, he secretly began to remodel the campus, but during one of these sessions, one of the Prinnies saw him. Due to his handmade Prinny-themed costume, the Prinnies confused him for their Messiah and dubbed him "Prinny Mask".

Prinny Mask appears against the party in the Final Chapter, but is defeated. After Beyond X reveals herself, he simply walks off, never to be seen again.

He can be recruited if a new cycle is started with Mao at Level 62 or above.


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