Prinny Land 2
D1area 70
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese プリニー界2
Romaji Purinī-kai 2
Location Prinny Land
Episode Any
Enemies Lv. 35 Pvt. Prinny x 6
Lv. 50 General Prinny x 4
Bonus Rank 19 - 22
Geo Symbols Lv. 200 Purple 'Recover 20%'
Lv. 200 Purple 'Clone'
Geo Panels Purple covers whole board
Previous map Prinny Land 1
Next map Prinny Land 3

Prinny Land 2 is the second map to Prinny Land. This map has the first showing of General Prinnies at level 50, along with a few more Private Prinnies at level 35.

What makes this map slightly difficult is the level 200 clone Geo-symbol, the level 200 recovery 20% Geo-symbol, and the fact that the prinnies are all spread out, which prevents most from being able to reach all of them in one turn. However, there is a way to make the map extremely easier. Just throw the nearest General Prinnie on the Clone Geo Symbol. By doing so, you still benefit from the recovery 20% without having the fear of your Laharl being cloned. This way lets you clear the map even with lower level characters, just be careful about the Pringer Beam.

And again, the prinnies do not have any weapons or armor equipped to them.

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