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Prinny Instructor
Movement Icon Mv Jump Icon Jm Range Icon Rng Throw Icon Thr Counter Icon Ctr Critical Icon Crit
5 20 1 5 2 10%
Base Stats
24 22 24 22
20 20 22 21
Weapon Mastery
Fist Sword Spear Bow
C-10 A-20 A-20 C-10
Gun Axe Staff Armor
C-10 B-15 D-5 C
Fire: -25% Wind: 0% Ice: 50% Star: 0%
Weapon Resistances
Fist Sword Spear Bow
0% 20% 10% 0%
Gun Axe Staff
0% 0% -20%
Unlocked By: DLC

Prinny Instructor is Valvatorez's exclusive class in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.


"A young vampire and Prinny Instructor in Hades. He loves sardines. After a certain incident, he no longer drinks human blood."



Name Level Stat/Effect Power SP Height Range/Description
Impaler Prince 1 WeaponStat D(105%) 4799 16/16 Rng: 2(Line). Hits 3 panels horizontally. Heals you by 10% of the damage dealt.
It's all in the execution.
Bloody Hole 300 WeaponStat B+(155%) 6399 12/12 Hits your 4 adjacent panels. Heals you by 5% of the damage dealt.
Welcome to my world. You'll be packed like sardines.
Lunatic 1200 WeaponStat C+(135%) 9199 36/48 Hits 3x3 area, centered 3 spaces away.
Let's see your face overcome with terror in the moonlight...


Generic Evility: Click here for generic evilities
Evility Effect Slots Requirements
Absorption Absorb 20% of the stats(including Max HP and SP) of each unit you defeat. (Lasts until the end of the battle) Unique Initial
Prinny Instructor Increase EXP/Mana/Class Proficiency earned by Prinnies on the map(not self) in the same Squad as you by 100%. 3 100 Mana
Sardine Supremacy When you use a Fresh Sardine, fully restore the target's HP and SP, then increase their ATK by 50%. (Lasts 3 turns) 1 Level 100
250 Mana
Body by Sardines Decrease stats by 20%, but increase attacking stat and defending stat by 30%. 1 Level 500
1000 Mana
Sardine Extract When set as leader of the Juice Bar squad, increase stat bonus of extracts by 184%. 4 Level 1000
2500 Mana
Sliver of Tyranny Multiply the Base Power of skills by 1.3, but increase SP costs by 100%. 3 Level 5000
5000 Mana