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Prince of the Netherworld is the first episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and its remakes.


In the Netherworld, the land of demons, chaos has erupted. 2 years ago, King Krichevskoy was killed, leaving the throne empty and a trophy for vying demons. His son, Prince Laharl, is nowhere to be seen

In the depths of the castle, Etna attempts to wake a sleeping Prince Laharl, to no avail. (Etna's definition of 'wake' involves a mace, a gatling gun, and other weapons of individual destruction.) Frustrated, she finally takes out a gun and is about to shoot him when he awakens. Laharl demands to know why his vassal has so rudely awakened him, and Etna tells of his father's death two years prior and the fact that several ambitious demons are vying for the position of Overlord. Angered being forgotten, Laharl decides to attack all of the ambitious demons and claim the throne of the Overlord.

After sharpening his rusty skills on the Tutorial map and meeting the Prinny Squad, Laharl decides to attack a nearby mansion as part of his plan to become the Overlord. He battles and loots his way to the Hall of Caresses, where he meets the master of the house, Vyers, self-styled "Dark Adonis". Vyers compliments Laharl's foresight in attacking him first, only to be rebuffed and insulted as a mere "Mid-Boss". Amusingly, the name sticks and he is referred as Mid-Boss throughout the rest of the game. The newly crowned Mid-Boss gasps and declares the act unforgivable, launching the first boss battle in the game.


The Mid-Boss ending can be achieved if the player loses to Vyers in the Hall of Caresses.


Next Episode: Episode 2: Enter Flonne


The following background images or areas occur (perhaps for the first of many times) in the prologue or in this episode.