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Prelude to Vengeance is the first episode of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.


Initial Cutscene[]

The largest Netherworld war is being carried out by Demon Emperor Void Dark and his army of the Lost. Future historians would end up confused by this mysterious war that ended as quick as it started.

In the Blood Parch Netherworld, a woman named Seraphina along with her Prinny squad attempts to fight against the Lost, but things are not going well. Out of nowhere, a mysterious demon named Killia appears and starts eating in the middle of the battlefield. Once he's done, he proceeds to single-handedly takes down the Lost soldiers.

Interested in his power, Seraphina chases after Killia and forces him to join her cause despite his desire to fight alone.


  • 1-1: Dried Up Wasteland
  • 1-2: Shriveled Vein
  • 1-3: Arid Blood Zone
  • 1-4: Immovable Atrium
  • 1-5: Sterile Atrium