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Poisonous Swamp is the 1st map of Rise of the Beauty Queen, the 3rd episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

Tink asks Adell about his mother's summoning skills. He explains how she supposedly used to be a pretty famous summoner, and that a friend taught her but she doesn't remember about that because of the curse. The conversation is then interrupted by the appearance of enemies.

After the battle[]

SPOILERS, click "Expand" to view

Adell decides it's time to eat. Rozalin is offended by his proposal to eat at such place, but ultimately accepts the food. She secretly asks Tink if it's truly ok to leave him in charge of disposing of Adell, and he explains his plan to take him to the dangerous monsters of the swamp and escape.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Reach turn 12(instant warp).