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Poison is one of the Status Ailments that can be inflicted upon the characters.


It's represented by small purple bubbles(before Disgaea 5) or a purple skull(since Disgaea 5) above a character's head. Units affected by it take damage equal to 20% of their max HP(10% in the first Disgaea and its rereleases) at the start of their turn. Units that were defending before the start of their turn will only lose half the normal amount of HP(so 5% max HP in the first Disgaea, and 10% in subsequent games).

Units that die from Poison damage do not count as being killed by someone, meaning they won't give EXP/Mana and won't increase kill counts.


Two Specialists deal with the Poison ailment:

  • Having a Pharmacist on any equipment increases a character's resistance to the Poison status by 1% per level.
  • Having an Alchemist on any equipment gives a character's normal attacks a chance to inflict Poison by 1% per level.

Methods to inflict Poison[]

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness[]

  • Poison Arrow (Bow skill)
  • Prinny Dance (Prinny skill)
  • Camaraderie (Faery skill)
  • Zombie Puke (Undead skill)
  • Hell Pepper (Winged skill)
  • Putrid Breath (Treant skill)

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories[]

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice[]

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten[]

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance[]

  • Poison Party Mist (Hedler's Overload)
  • Strange Shot (Archer skill)
  • Curse Storm (Sorcerer skill)
  • All of Sludge's unique and Magichange skills
  • Poisonous Matter (Sludge Evility)
  • Lepidoptera (Winged Warrior skill)
  • Poison Jet Mist (Winged Warrior Magichange skill)
  • Rotten Headbutt (Undead skill)
  • Resident Undead (Undead skill)
  • Zombie Critical (Undead Magichange skill)
  • Corpse Bear Attack (Undead Dual Magichange skill)
  • Flying Spore Shot (Fairy Dual Magichange skill)
  • Poison Fox Dance (Nine-Tails Dual Magichange skill)