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Point Alpha-III is the first stage in Episode 13: War of the Netherworld, Part 2 in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. This stage is only available in this chapter.


Laharl is having fun annihilating the human invasion force. Once aboard the ship, they find the Astro Cannon, the EDF's ultimate weapon.


The guns do a lot of damage. And this stage does not require taking them out to clear it. You only need to reach the exit on the opposite side of the map (indicated by a yellow square). So stack up your characters and throw them towards the exit. Just remember to throw your characters next to the exit. Landing on the exit because of a throw action, does not clear this stage. A character needs to walk on the yellow panel.

Enemy information[]

Mega Cannon


Astro Cannon

Big Gun

Lv. 50 stats (average) Lv. 100 stats (average)
HP 4284

SP 255

ATK 306

DEF 510

INT 102

RES 357

HIT 255

SPD 102

Mv 0

Jm 10

Co 0

HP 24038

SP 505

ATK 1010

DEF 1212

INT 202

RES 707

HIT 505

SPD 202

Mv 0

Jm 10

Co 0