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Piyori Nijino is a playable characters in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny. She is the leader of the Ultra Chroma Power Squad Prism Rangers. She is a hero who fights evil in the TV World and aims for high ratings as the first female lead.



Piyori is a young, human female with a sizable bosom. She has blue eyes. She has short, strawberry blonde hair. She wears a red armored bodysuit that covers up her entire body from her head to her feet. The bodysuit has a rainbow emblem at her waist and a skirt design. She wears grey gloves and a rainbow bracelet on her left wrist.


Piyori is energetic and eager to prove her worth as the newest Prism Red. However, she harbors feelings of inadequacy as her brother's successor and what justice means to her. Because of this, Piyori is highly impressionable, as she took to Zed's victory at all cost mentality very quickly and began doing decidedly un-heroic tactics to win battles.

She gives out Prism themed nicknames to her allies, such as "Prism Zed" for Zed, or "Prism Princess" for Melodia.


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Other appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Piyori appears as an obtainable character.



  • One of Piyori's alternate colors is a shout-out to Rei Ayanami, a main character in Neon Genesis Evangelion.