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Pirilika is one of the main characters of Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. A somewhat ditzy girl from the Wahei Netherworld. She's an extreme Hinomoto fangirl with a rose-colored view of what Bushido is. But she persists in trying to get everyone she can to embrace it. Pirilika uses the Cleric class and starts the game at level 1, forming the party at the start of episode 1's second scenario.

"A Hinomoto otaku from Wahei. Amassed a fortune as the founder of the clothing company, Tempoora". - Pirilika's unit info



She is a demon with dark skin that resembles a fox. She four ears—two normal demon ears and two enormous fox ears higher on her head. She wears a pair of dark circular sunglasses on her head that she will occasional wear when she's being "shady". She is dressed in an outfit reminiscent of a sailor uniform used by Japanese high schools, with a custom dress skirt and shoulderless sleeves ending in puffy wrist skirts. Her legs are covered by a pair of white long socks and end in functional blue shoes, in keeping with her schoolgirl design aesthetic. Her tail is coated in yellow fur that matches her hair and ears and turns white at the end. She has large blue eyes with a pink tint. Her most defining character trait is her pink pufferfish backpack that she always carries and will often whip out to bribe both enemy and ally alike with money or her patented fluffcakes.


Pirilika is a naive, kind Nekomata who is obsessed with the idea of Bushido and warriors; she is very optimistic to the point of delusion. creating false sad tales so she can sympathize with even the cruelest demons. She is business-savvy, running the popular fashion company Tempoora, which female demons idolize. She has a tendency to flub popular metaphors, which Fuji and company corrects her on repeatedly.


Born into a wealthy family in Wahei, Prillika grew up surrounded by her father's memorabilia and become obsessed with the Hinomoto inspired film collection that he has amassed. Inspired by the outfits she saw in those movies, she built her own clothing brand, Tempoora, with her own hands (and a "generous donation" from her father) which quickly boomed under her toxically aggressive positive attitude. Now with several fathoms for money than she possessed sense and bored out of her mind from her work, she bought herself a ship and headed out to Hinomoto to live out her fantasies of the warrior lands.

Throughout her journey with Fuji, she meets many others and befriends them. She fights against the Thirteen Magistrates and discovers her mother, the second-in-command Cannon Line, and that the Demmodore is her father, Opener. It is soon revealed that Fuji's former master, Mugai, was controlling Opener that orchstrated the entire thing. Pirilika fought with the others to defeat Mugai and they do so. She is reunited with her father and also later finds out that her mother had become an angel after she had sacrificed herself to help her daughter.


Maximum Ray D7

Pirilika using Maximum Ray in Disgaea 7

Pirilika follows in a similar style as Flonne, being an early game bow user with abundant access to healing magic. She acts as one of the players' main healers throughout the game, as well as a competent ranged combatant.

Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Pirilika appears as an obtainable character. Alternate variations of Pirilika can also be obtained.