Pirates are a notorious menace in the Item World, appearing in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, and Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. These roving bands of enemies appear on random floors to attack the player. They are often strong and difficult to defeat, as their levels are higher than normal enemies. To encounter pirates, you need to spend at least one turn on any floor in the Item World. There is a chance that Pirates will show up on turns 2, 3 or even later, but a Turn 1 absence normally means that the Pirates will not appear.

Disgaea 2[edit | edit source]

In Disgaea 2, each pirate leader carries a Treasure Map which can be obtained by defeating the pirate. Collecting all 16 maps unlocks the Land of Carnage. The pirates will only appear within the first 3 turns of each floor. So wait until the 4th turn before advancing to the next floor. You can also increase the chance of pirates appearing by equipping the Treasure Map you get after defeating the pirate leader of each group.

Types of Pirates[edit | edit source]

Name Floor
Ambling Pirate 1+
Bashful Pirate 1+
Chicken Pirate 1+
Dancing Pirate 1+
Prinny Pirate 1+
Orc Pirate 1+
Monk Pirate 21+
Hunter Pirate 21+
Gate Pirate 21+
Wealthy Pirate 21+
Animal Pirate 21+
Jolly Pirate 21+
Ninja Pirate 41+
Prism Pirate 41+
Red Pirate 41+
Z Pirate 61+
Baal Pirates[1] 91+
Prinny Baal Pirate[2] 91+
  1. Does not carry a Treasure Map and can only be encountered in the Land of Carnage
  2. Does not carry a Treasure Map and can only be encountered in the Land of Carnage

Disgaea 3[edit | edit source]

Pirates in Disgaea 3 will now only appear on floors 21 and higher. Instead of Treasure Maps, they carry Illegal Tickets which are used to unlock a stage in the X-Dimension. You can also buy them by running into a Illegal Ticket vendor in the item world. You can also increase the odds of running into pirates and Illegal Ticket vendors, by filling the PPP Club and Tora no Ana Club. Both clubs are unlocked once you defeat your first set of pirates.

Types of Pirates[edit | edit source]

Below is the list of Pirates, the floor you can encounter them and the ship they come with

Name Ship Floor
UFO? UFO 21+
Wise Innocents Pirates Flying Tortoise 21+
Donnax2 Pirates Carriage 31+
Eryngi Pirates Carriage 31+
Cheerates Treasure Ship 41+
Cowboy Pirates War Galleon 41+
Lucky Pirates Treasure Ship 41+
Asian Pirates War Galleon 51+
Pirate Cleaners Treasure Ship 51+
Sports Pirates War Galleon 51+
Ghost Pirates Carriage 61+
Horizon Pirates War Galleon 61+
Z Pirates Magic Cloud 61+
UFO Pirates (?) UFO 61+
Pirate Club Treasure Ship 71+
Garden Pirates War Galleon 81+
Boney Pirates War Galleon 81+
Element Pirates War Galleon 81+
Kit Cat Pirates Carriage 81+
Prinny Pirates Carriage 91+
Red Pirates War Galleon 91+
Shinsengumi Treasure Ship 91+
10 Gents Pirates Treasure Ship 91+ (Land of Carnage)
Baal Pirates Carriage 91+ (Land of Carnage)
Prism Pirates or Masked Pirates Warship Yoshitsuna 91+ (Land of Carnage) or Reverse Pirating

Types of Ships[edit | edit source]

Ship Duration Storage
Carriage 1 turn 13
Flying Tortoise 1 turn 4
Magic Cloud 9 turns 5
Treasure Ship 2 turns 37
UFO 2 turns 3
War Galleon 3 turns 77
Warship Yoshitsuna 4 turns 53

Disgaea 4[edit | edit source]

A new mechanic added to Disgaea 4 is a pathing system for the Item World. Every 5 levels in the Item World, you'll find that 2 gates will appear: Innocent Boost Gate and an Item Growth Gate. Selecting the Item Growth gate will improve the chances of levels spheres and item improving rooms. Selecting the Innocent Boost Gate will improve the chances of events that power-up innocents and as well as higher spawn rate of wild innocents. The middle path is between Innocent Boost Gate and Item Growth Gate is called Treasure Route. Selecting the Treasure Route will improve the chances of treasure appearing. These different routes will affect certain pirates to appear. Some pirates may appear in Reverse Pirates or Land of Carnage.

Name Ship Floor Turn
Farmer Pirates 1+ 2
Fisherman Pirates Giant Turtle 1+ 2
Ghost Pirates Worn-out Mast, Torn-up Mast 21+ 2
Duck Pirates Sharkpedo 21+(Item Growth Route / Innocent Boost Route) 3
Food Stand Pirates Old Wagon 31+ 2
Construction Pirates Black Drill 31+ 2
Sorry Pirates Galleon III Body 41+ 2
Item Express Pirates No. 6 Locomotive 41+(Innocent Boost Route) 3
Rotten Golem Pirates Starship Stern G 51+ 2
Peachboy Pirates Treasure Ship Body 51+(Treasure Route) 3
Commando Pirates Training Wing 51+(Does not appear in Treasure Route) 3
Warrior Pirates War Galleon, Hunk House 61+ 2
Mech Pirates Starship Body G 61+ 3
Prinny Pirates Prinny 71+(Innocent Boost Route) 3
Artist Pirates Eryngi 71+(Item Growth Route) 2
Red Pirates Metal Propeller 81+(Item Growth Route) 2
Queen Pirates Skull: Gentle Ram 81+ 2
Meowkins Pirates P Flonzor X Body 91+ 2
Robo Pirates Mini Yoshitsuna Reverse Pirates
Masked Hero Pirates Mini Yoshitsuna Reverse Pirates
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