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Pii-chan is a character in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

Pirilika's special secretary Prinny. Though an excellent secretary, he's business-like and a little heartless. Violence isn't his specialty, but he's strong when he gets serious.



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He acts as Pirilika's secretary, piloting the ship, as well as acting as her butler. despite his cold, strictly business'-like attitude he does care for Pirilika. asking Fuji to protect her and his brother, Demmodore Opener.


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Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Pii-chan appears as an obtainable character.



  • Pii-chan often slips in the overworld and tells Fuji about his life before becoming a Prinny. such as joking that he died in the Shicroaku whirlpools, claiming his true death is far to complicated to explain then.
  • Before the final battle, if the player speaks to him, he will reveal that he is Demmodore's older brother.
  • In the item world if you speak to Pii-chan he will claim "a women never reveals her secrets" meaning he may be a she.