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Parched Ground is the second map in the fourth episode, Gift From an Angel, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Etna complains about the heat, and points out that Flonne will shrivel up; Flonne says she's fine, that a Prinny gave her some medicine. Etna disbelieves, Prinnies can't possibly be that nice. Etna asks her to point out which Prinny it was, but they all look the same to Flonne.

Map Strategy[]

The layout here is similar to the layout of the previous level, but this one does not include the EXP +100 effect. On the other hand, there are considerably more foes, almost doubled from the last level; the 5 pumpkins outside of spawn (+ one decoy that fades in well) can easily gang up on a single unit, so you should at least bring two good fighters. There are two leaders here, and they are guarded by a decoy and two pumpkins. However, the pumpkins will rush forward as soon as you enter their range, so you can lead them away from the leaders easily. The leaders themselves are considerably less threatening if they can't use their skills, so if you have any weapons that can inflict Silence, use them now. (Power Slice can make even a rather well-trained Laharl flinch.)