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Paradise is the second map of Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


On their way, Laharl and his companions are intercepted by a group of Celestians. Etna rightly remarks they should not expect a warm welcome. This is soon confirmed by one of the angels, saying their orders are to execute Angel Trainee Flonne for treason, along with all who assist her.

Flonne is momentarily taken aback by the turn of events and asks to see the Seraph, hoping to explain the situation. Her request is denied though. And after Laharl talks some sense into her, she agrees there is only one way to resolve this: "kicking angel butt"


The Warp symbols can be really annoying in this map, and they're on the other side of the map. So getting there might take a few turns, especially if you're really unlucky with the warps. You could just ignore them and focus on the enemies instead. And if, by chance, you should warp anywhere near a symbol on a turn, you can deal with it then.

All Celestial Hosts can heal. So to avoid them healing each other, it's best to focus only on the number of targets you can eliminate in one turn.