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D6 Ivar Model
Movement Icon Mv Jump Icon Jm Range Icon Rng Throw Icon Thr Counter Icon Ctr Critical Icon Crit
4 20 1 5 1 4%
Base Stats
42 38 38 37
41 36 31 18
Weapon Mastery
Fist Sword Spear Bow
C-10 C-10 A-20 D-5
Gun Axe Staff Armor
D-5 A-20 A-20 C
Fire: 0% Wind: 0% Ice: 0% Star: 25%
Weapon Resistances
Fist Sword Spear Bow
0% 0% 25% -15%
Gun Axe Staff
-15% 25% 25%
Unlocked By: During Stage 11-3

Overlord is Ivar's exclusive class in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.


"Self-proclaimed strongest Overlord. He's an idiot, but his strength is real. An unexpected crybaby with a good heart."



Name Level Stat/Effect Power SP Height Range/Description
Burst of Despair 1 WeaponStat E(85%) 3199 16/32 Hits cross-shaped area, 4 spaces away.
Overlord skill that compresses despair into a handy explosion.
Dark Tempest 300 WeaponStat D(100%) 4799 16/16 Hits two length-3 columns, starting at your front-right and front-left panels.
Demon technique that creates a storm with the power of darkness.
Demonic Gaze 1200 WeaponStat C(120%) 6399 12/12 Hits 8 panels vertically, in front of you.
Super demon technique that burns a straight line of ash!
Void Out 6000 WeaponStat B(140%) 9199 32/32 Hits 3x3 area, 4 spaces away.
The evilest Overlord technique that beckons the void...


Generic Evility: Click here for generic evilities
Evility Effect Slots Requirements
Overlord Supremacy Increase damage dealt by 10% per equal-or-lower level enemy/object on the map. Unique Initial
Leader's Loftiness Decrease damage taken by 3% per unit in the same Squad. Unique Initial
Bieko Adorer Increase stats by 30% if Bieko is adjacent. 1 Recruit Bieko
100 Mana
Breath of Life Increase Max HP by 20%. 1 Level 100
250 Mana
Death Glare Paralyze adjacent enemy units at end of turn. 2 Level 500
1000 Mana
Absolute Ruler Increase stats of all ally Monsters on the map by 20%. 4 Level 1000
2500 Mana
Behold My Power! Increase damage dealt by 10% per ally unit within 2 spaces. 4 Level 5000
5000 Mana
Relentless Pursuit At the start of each turn, increase Move by 2 if there's no adjacent units. 1 Clear Episode 11
(5000 Mana)
Face the Formidable Increase attacking stat by 20% against Boss units. 1 Clear Episode 12
(5000 Mana)