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"Overlord" is a recurring class in the Disgaea series, predominantly held by Laharl and Priere. The class's stats, aptitudes, proficiencies, etc are different depending on who has the class. In truth, they are actually multiple entirely seperate classes with the same name. While there are a number of characters who have the word "Overlord" in their class name (example: Zetta's "Badass Overlord" class), this page is for listing classes that are simply called "Overlord".

Below is a list of characters who have their class designated as "Overlord".

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness[]

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories[]

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice[]

  • Mao (Mao's class becomes "Overlord" upon reaching the postgame.)
  • Laharl
  • Priere

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten[]

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness[]

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance[]

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny[]

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless[]

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