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D5 Overload Example

Seraphina's "Balor Gaze", which Charms male enemies around her.

Overload is basic command available to characters in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. They are powerful and unique abilities exclusive to Overlords, or those with Overlord-class power. Their power is limited by the fact that each unit can only use their Overload once per battle, during Revenge Mode. Despite functioning just like Specials they don't need to be Executed, and don't spend the character's action for the turn.

All the major and minor story characters, as well as half of the DLC characters, have an Overload. Check their respective class pages for details:

After beating the story, various bills become available that allow any character to gain the Overload of one of the Minor Overlords that join throughout the story. This can also be done with characters that already have an Overload, replacing the one they already have, though a new bill becomes available to go back to their original.