Overload is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. Demons who are Overlords, or have Overlord-class power, gain an exclusive secret skill called Overload. During Revenge Mode, the unit can unleash a powerful skill that can change the situation of the battle.

Main / Secret CharactersEdit

Character Name Overload Skill Description How to Obtain
Killia Tyrant Revelio Gains power similar to Killidia. Allows Killia 3 movements and actions during the turn used. Complete Chapter 13.
Seraphina Balor Gaze Cause all male characters and monsters within 5 panels to fight against the enemy for one turn. Reach Chapter 1-5
True Brionic Gaze Cause all male characters and monsters to fight against the enemies for one turn, at an extended range (Allows the player to control the charmed units as well). Reach Chapter 14-5 and complete it.
Red Magnus Super Olympia Doubles his size and boosts his attack by 50% Complete Chapter 1-5
Super Universe Triples his size and boosts all his stats by 50% Reach Chapter 9-5 and complete it.
Christo Occhi Clairvoyance Increases all allies accuracy and evasion by 50% for one turn. Reach Chapter...
Evangel of Purity Increases all allies accuracy and evasion by 100% for one turn. Complete Chapter 11
Usalia Murmur of Rage Transforms into a berserking monster hurting all enemies during the transformation. Reach Chapter 10-5 and complete it.
Zeroken Superluminal Wolf Creates four controllable clones for three turns. Reach Chapter 8-4 and complete it.
Majorita Broken Faith Magia Revives all enemy units defeated in battle as uncontrollable allies.

Enemy use: Revives all allies as yellow npcs.

After recruiting Void, hold a bill as Majorita on getting her overload skill back and pass it.
Void Brigante Eclipse (Automatically used) Complete Post Game "Possessed by Heart".
Alma Ice Sculpture Makes an enemy you hit not be able to take an action for 1 turn.
Broken Faith Magia Revives all allies as yellow npcs.

(Boss use only)

Devouring Kris Steal 50% of Max SP from all enemy units within 3 panels.

(Boss use only)

Mastema's Hatred Increase damage dealt by 10%.

(Boss use only)

Torturous Apathy Inflict the Weaken effect on all enemy units within 3 panels.

(Boss use only)

Goldion Spirited Tempest Increase unit's stats by 100% for 2 turns. Unlock Carnage Mode by completing Post Game.

Non-Player CharactersEdit

Character Name Overload Skill Description Encountered
Baal Rakshasa Cataclysm Doubles the size of itself, and greatly boost its damage, also often spawning mini variant of its own. Pass the Bill "Fight the Supreme Overlord".
Dark (Void Dark) Alma Ice Sculpture Unlock Carnage Mode and reach "Evil God of Tyranny" from Goldion
Torturous Apathy Inflict the Weaken effect on all enemy units within 3 panels.

Minor CharactersEdit

The minor Overlords' Overload skills can be taken and placed on another character after reaching Post Game by bills on Dark Assembly. If this is done with a character that already possesses an Overload it will replace the one they already own. A bill to restore their original Overload will then become available.

Character Name Overload Skill Description How to Obtain
Logan Largest Throw XXL

Doubles his throw range for 1 turn

Complete "Overlord of Revenge" in Blood Parch after staring a Quest "Throwing Overlord!".
Geese Miracle Regen Recovers 20% of health for the next 7 turns Complete Chapter 3
Hedler Poison Party Mist Gives the poison ailment to enemy units 5 spaces away Complete Chapter 4
Erynder Z Indomitable Spread Spreads its spore, healing all player characters around the stage. Complete "" in Demunshroom after staring a Quest "".
Izuna Comet Disaster Blasts a wave of star comet around the stage, damaging all enemies. Complete Chapter 6-4
Drumdawn Attack on Giant Doubles the size of all ally units, and gives them the special attack Giant press Complete "The Dragon Overlord" in Warrior Fang after staring a Quest "".
Brave Immovable Vajra Nullify all damage for 3 turns but unit can't move or attack Complete "Prideful King" in Fortress de Gaulle after staring a Quest "".

DLC CharactersEdit

Character Name Overload Skill Description How to Obtain
Laharl / Girl Laharl Atrocious Prince Instantly cause a huge meteor to land an impact near him/her, dealing damage to everyone within 5 panels from him/her. Complete DLC Story "The Legend Begins" / Available after activating the DLC pack 1.
Etna Chaotic Ordina Summons a massive amount of Prinnies near her to fight against the enemies. Complete DLC Story "The Legend Begins"
Flonne Volunteer Sauveur Transforms into Pure Flonne for three turns, increasing all stats 30%.
Adell Ameretat's Bravery Increase attack by 200% and Move becomes 32 for one turn. Complete DLC Story "C. Tournament"
Rozalin Severe Aeshema Shatters her own seal and transforms into Real Zenon, increasing attack by 30% for three turns and giving her the skill "Dark Liberation"
Mao Astaroth Reform Increase all allies' equipment stat in map by 50% for three turns. Complete DLC Story "The Field Trip"
Valvatorez Tepes Nightmare Transforms into Tyrant Valvatorez for three turns, turns all units he defeats into uncontrollable allies Complete DLC Story "The Prinny Coach"
Desco Channel Azi Dahaka Cause deathblow to any weaker units within 5 panels. Complete DLC Story "Love Girl Theater"
Overlord Priere Extreme Mardock After defeating an enemy, takes another action with decreased stat for one turn. Complete DLC Story "The Crazy Overlord"
Zetta Grand Avesta "Invite" a large pedestal on the base panel, increasing amount of characters dispatchable by 5. Complete DLC Story "Time Travelling"
Pram Wishdom of Ipos All attacks are evaded for two turns.
Petta Future Eyre All allies on the map can use their Overload Skills once again.
Metallia Greedy Mekhashefa Covers the screen in a dark swamp, and captures all enemies. Available after activating the DLC Pack 3

Mentioned Edit

These Overload Skills were mentioned, but were never shown to be used in battle, or only as part of the Story Line.

Name Overload Skill Description
Void (Dark) Brigante Eclipse Steals the Overload skill of another Overlord or those with the power of an Overlord.
Unknown Dark Knight Overlord Devouring Kris Absorbs the energy via a medium, and transfers it to the Overlord who uses it.
Seraphina's Father Rigid Ropes Gallow Captures anyone in a limited, but huge area of trap, and nullifies any overload skills they try to use.

Trivia Edit

  • Most of the DLC characters never actually acknowledge the existence of their Overload skills. The exceptions are Flonne, Rozalin and Valvatorez, whose Overloads are based on already existing transformations, and Adell, who claims that his is a "final skill", not an Overload, as only demons can use them (and he remains unaware of his own nature as one).
  • When using Etna's Overload skill, one can see a golden prinny amongst the massive group of them.
  • Despite being the son of Hugo, the former Netherworld President (who possesses the power level of an Overlord), Emizel does not have access to a unique Overload skill.