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Ordeal 5 is the fifth and final stage of Cave of Ordeals, a bonus area in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


The map is basically one long winding path, consisting of 3 notable sections: The beginning of the map is a hallway that contains all the Sinners. The middle of the map contains various gaps that will require 3 units with a Throw range of 6 to cross. The end of the map has one last short gap(Throw range of 3) to the island containing the Undead(alternatively, a ranged attack with vertical reach of 48 down can be used).

The most important detail about the stage is that the player has until their third turn to cross the gaps in the middle, otherwise the moving No Entry effect will become active and make it impossible to cross.

The main prize of this stage is the Arcadia (Rank 40 Emblem) that can be stolen from the Undead. He does not appear on revisits to the stage, however, so both the prize and time limit are essentially removed(though the Geo Symbols are still present).