An Orc in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

The Orc is a recurring monster class in the Disgaea series first introduced in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Orcs are small humanoid pig like creatures. They have an upturned pig nose and two long teeth that are always visible. They have a fur tuft on their chest. They wear a hard helmet with three spikes and a belt on their stomach. They always wield a club, however during gameplay they still equip monster weapons like other monsters.

In earlier Disgaea games their default color is blue, however in Disgaea 5 their default color is red. Their helmets are black with white stripes.


They are somewhat weak among the races of the Netherworld. They have a strict hierarchy and will obey anyone who is higher ranked. They will only act as a group led by a commander. Due to their small size they are called Petite Orcs, which they dislike.

The character creation scene for Disgaea 4 suggests that Orcs are perverted creatures.



Disgaea 2: Cursed MemoriesEdit

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Disgaea 3: Absence of JusticeEdit

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Disgaea 4: A Promise UnforgottenEdit

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The Orc is unlocked after completing Stage 1-8. The Orc is a decently powerful front-line unit that can take a few blows.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of VengeanceEdit

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