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A Normal Attack is one of the basic actions that unit can perform in battle. These are simple attacks that deal damage at 100% Base Power with no cost, and their attacking stat depends on the equipped Weapon. Units can use the "Attack" command to perform a normal attack as their action for the turn. Counter Attacks and Support Attacks are types of normal attack, and are affected by most modifiers to them.

All units have a Range IconRange stat which determines the maximum range of normal attacks as well as their height limit.

Almost all classes have a default range of 1, with a only few Monster classes having a higher amount. Equipping a weapon adds to a unit its Range stat minus 1, while Accessories add their full Range stat. Some Humanoid weapons have high normal attack range as one of their notable characteristics: Spear(2), Bow(4) and Gun(5 but only in a straight line).

Throughout the games there's various Evilities and Innocents(instead Properties in Disgaea 7) that grant bonuses only to normal attacks(most commonly Status Ailment infliction), giving them additional utility. Using a Gun or Axe commonly makes normal attacks inflict a debuff to SPD or DEF respectively.

Power in Disgaea 6[]

In Disgaea 6 only, the Base Power of normal attacks increases based on the user's Level. For reference, this is their power on the various level caps:

  • Level 9,999: 1,114%
  • Level 9,999,999: 4,038,226%
  • Level 99,999,999: 64,000,100%