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Nitra is one of the recurring characters of Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. She starts off as someone needing to be rescued before turning on her best friend, Ceefore. She then becomes a playable character in the post-game by passing a bill in the Dark Assembly.



Her appearance is a typical one to generic Celestial Hostesses only her hair color is pink.



Nitra starts off as a kind angel who is Ceefore's best friend before revealing to the party that she is one of the Thirteen Magistrates. She attacks the party, but is defeated. She makes a few more appearances in the main story before the post-game in which she apologizes to Ceefore and is forgiven.


Soul Doser

Nitra using Soul Doser in Disgaea 7

Unlike generic Celestial Hostesses, Nitra has two unique evilities. Soulkeeper Mag. increases defense power by 10% each time an ally dies up to 100% and Soulkeeper Mag. 2.0 also inflicts SP damage to enemies based on 50% of the damage it deals like the Reapers from Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4 have.



  • Nitra was confirmed in Episode 13 to have previously been a Human going by the name Kotra, Who was one of Mugai's disciples and a seven founding weapons wielder that he killed.