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Nightdwellers is the fourth map in Episode 6: Laharl's Challenge of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

“...Please, someone normal come out.”
—Laharl, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness


As Laharl, Etna, and Flonne go through the forest to reach the center, three figures appear before them. These figures are none other than the Prism Rangers, supposed legendary champions of justice. Flonne is excited by their presence (and their poses); however, Laharl is less than enthusiastic. Flonne then asks why there are only 3 Rangers instead of 7 to complete the prism. They say that due to being Champions of Justice, they only friends they have are each other and they hope that by becoming the Overlords of the Netherworld, they can recruit 4 other members to join them and finish the Prism Ranger team. The rangers then prepare to transform into an even more powerful state, but Etna shoots Prism Blue and Prism Yellow, knocking them out. A horrified Prism Red gasps that he can't transform without their help, and instead summons a group of 12 demons to aid him. Laharl then questions the idea of a Hero using Demons to help him out, but attacks with full force anyway, vanquishing the supposed hero.

Map Strategies[]

As the map has a Warp Geo Symbol in the far corner, each turn will find the characters on the map in a different position, making it difficult to launch a coordinated attack. The player can choose to either attack each enemy separately, or attempt to throw their way to the symbol to destroy it. Because of the Warp symbol, this map is not particularly good for level grinding.


  • When playing this map the first time around, the song "Anthem of Braves" plays in the background. This song is commonly played when coming across or fighting against "Heroes of Justice" such as the Prism Rangers and especially Captain Gordon.