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Netherworld Sightseeing is a gameplay feature in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless that allows you to visit locations found throughout the story. It is unlocked automatically on Episode 4.

In the stage selection menu you'll have the option to go sightseeing on any episode that has been cleared. This will take you to an area with the same layout as one of the episode's stages, except you can freely move just like in the main hub. These areas contain Treasure Chests, shops or other facilities, and NPCs offering quests, battles or just dialogue. Defeating one of the battle NPCs unlocks that class' Extra Color 1 and gives you the option to recruit said NPC.

If you go sightseeing through the Carnage stage selection, the visited area will keep the same layout as normal but have its own Chests, facilities and NPCs.

Sightseeing Locations[]

Ewwdo Netherworld (Ep. 1 and 13)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 1-1
  • Normal
    • Shop: Blunt Blade (Rank 2 Sword), Weapons (Rank 7), Food (Sardine, Dried Sardine, Caterpillar Egg, Charred Newt), Bribes (Bomb, Hard Liquor)
    • Battle: Valkyrie, Magician
    • Quest: "Discipline Them All" (After Ep. 9)
  • Carnage
    • Shop: Weapons (Rank 1), Food (Sardine, Dried Sardine), Bribes (Bomb, Hard Liquor)
    • Battle: Evil Eye, Ninja
    • Quest: "A Magical Boy is Born"

Yokohorror (Ep. 2)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 2-4
  • Normal
    • Shop: Taser Gun (Rank 13 Gun), Orb/Muscle (Ranks 3 and 7), Imperial Seal (Rank 4 Emblem), Food (Chicken Blood, Chicken Curry), Bribes (Medicine), Hands (Stealing, Plunder)
    • Battle: Ranger, Shroom
  • Carnage
    • Shop: Netherworld Musket (Rank 7 Gun), Orb/Muscle (Rank 3 Accessory), Imperial Seal (Rank 4 Emblem), Food (Dried Sardine, Beef Curry), Bribes (Medicine), Hands (Cha-Ching, Bandit's)
    • Battle: Succubus, Maiko

Sardemon World (Ep. 3)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 3-1
  • Normal
    • Shop: Food (Sardines and Fresh Sardines), Strange Feelers (Rank 10 Phys. MW, always Rare)
    • Battle: Sea Angel
  • Carnage
    • Shop: Food (Sardines and Fresh Sardines), Spider Thread (Rank 5 Phys. MW, always Rare)
    • Battle: Sorcerer, Pincer Shell

Battle Arena (Ep. 4)[]

  • Area layout: The Battle Arena
  • Access to Hinomoto Martial Arts Tournament
  • Normal
    • Battle: Warrior, Fight Mistress
  • Carnage
    • Battle: Magic Knight, Zombie Maiden

Casinomoto (Ep. 5)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 5-3
  • Access to Demon Shogi
  • Normal
    • Battle: Slumber Cat, Cleric
  • Carnage
    • Battle: Kunoichi, Psychic

Resale World (Ep. 6)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 6-3
  • Normal
    • Shop: Weapons/Armor (Rank 21, always Rare). Only appears after clearing the 3 quests.
    • Battle: Orc, Thief
    • Quest: "I Want Gold", "I Want Weapons", "I Want Accessories"
  • Carnage
    • Shop: Food (Shortcake, Sake, Soma), Bribes (Angel Cake, Gold Bar, Premium Crab Brains, Superb Beef Tongue), Hands (Cha-Ching, Bandit's, Awesome). Only appears after clearing the 3 quests.
    • Battle: Female Armor Knight
    • Quest: "Go for the Kids", "Go for the Workers", "Sneakerhead Deal"

Gero Haunt Springs (Ep. 7)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 7-4
  • Normal
    • Shop: Dark Rosary (Rank 8 Emblem), Food (Taiyaki, Cafe au Lait, Haunt Springs Egg), Bribes (Dark Dumplings)
    • Battle: Bandit, Witch
    • Quest: "Secret of the Springs"
  • Carnage
    • Shop: Dark Rosary (Rank 8 Emblem), Food (Mint Gun, Unopened Soda, Haunt Springs Egg), Bribes (Dark Dumpling)
    • Battle: Male Armor Knight
    • Quest: "Carnage Springs"

Ewwdo Slums (Ep. 8)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 8-4
  • Normal
    • Battle: Male Samurai, Prinny
    • Quest: "Alms for the Poors" (After Ep. 14)
  • Carnage
    • Battle: Lady Samurai, Felynn
    • Quest: "I Wanna Eat Eel"

Shicroaku (Ep. 9)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 9-1
  • Normal
    • Battle: Undead, Gunner
    • Quest: "Reviving Narutorture"
  • Carnage
    • Battle: Professor
    • Quest: "Catching Democtopus"

Hell Springs (Ep. 10)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 10-1
  • Normal
    • Shop: Weapons/Armor (Rank 28), Accessories (Rank 19), Feather Token (Rank 16 Emblem), Food (Eclair, Bloody Mary, Immortal Pill)
    • Battle: Spirit, Winged Warrior
  • Carnage
    • Shop: Weapons/Armor (Rank 10), Accessories (Rank 7), Dark Rosary (Rank 8 Emblem), Food (Hard Candy, Cafe au Lait, Caterpillar Egg)
    • Battle: Flora Beast, Celestial Hostess

Slapporo (Ep. 11)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 11-3
  • Normal
    • Battle: Martial Artist, Clergy
  • Carnage
    • Battle: Dragon

Grimjufu (Ep. 12)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 12-5
  • Normal
    • Shop: Weapons/Armor (Rank 33), Accessories (Rank 27), Royal Ring (Rank 28 Emblem), Food (Shortcake, Sake, Soma)
    • Battle: Archer, Gunslinger
  • Carnage
    • Shop: Weapons/Armor (Rank 15), Accessories (Rank 11), Devil Ring (Rank 12 Emblem), Food (Cotton Candy, Yam Starch, Charred Newt)
    • Battle: Horseman

Path to the Sanctuary (Ep. 14)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 14-1
  • Normal
    • Battle: Mecha Girl, Rifle Demon
  • Carnage
    • Battle: Evil Eye

Infernal Sanctuary, Inner Sanctum (Ep. 15)[]

  • Area layout: Stage 15-4
  • Normal
    • Quest: "Demand for Strength"
  • Carnage
    • Quest: "The Strongest Demon"

Hinomoto Martial Arts Tournament[]

D7 Tournament Example

Example of a tournament bracket.

Accessed through sightseeing in Episode 4, this facility lets you enter a 3-round battle tournament where you gain a reward based on your placement. There's 5 difficulty levels, with higher difficulties costing more HL to enter and having stronger enemies in exchange for better prizes.

The Carnage version works the same, except it drastically increases HL cost, enemy level and prize quality.

Demon Shogi[]

D7 Demon Shogi Example

The prizes are fixed, and there's no cost to participating.

Accessed through sightseeing in Episode 5, this facility has you take on puzzle-style battles where you're given a specific set of units that can only be controlled by editing their Demonic Intelligence. There's 5 difficulty levels, each with 3 prize sets obtained by beating the battle in at most 10, 5, or 1 turn.

The Carnage version features its own set of puzzles and prizes.