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The Netherbattle Tournament is a gameplay feature in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. It's unlocked after recruiting all of the Secret characters and DLC characters(except for Krichevskoy). As the name implies, this facility tasks the player to clear a series of multiple battles in a row.



There's 4 difficulty levels to choose. The battles feature the same enemies regardless of difficulty, but their levels are adjusted. However, only units whose stat total(sum of ATK, DEF, INT, RES, HIT and SPD) falls within a certain threshold may participate depending on the difficulty level:

  • Generic Demon: Stats up to 50.000
  • Advanced Demon: Stats between 50.000 and 120.000
  • Aristocrat: Stats between 120.000 and 500.000
  • Overlord: Stats above 500.000


There's no base panel during the battles, and the participating units must be chosen beforehand. The player has to chose 1 unit to serve as team's Leader, and up to 9 companions. If you choose to play Offline the companions are chosen from your units, but if you choose to play Online the companions are chosen from units uploaded by other players.


The tournament consists of 4 different rounds, with each but the first unlocked by clearing the previous one. A round consists of 5 fights in a row, and the player loses if the Leader dies. Units are not healed between battles(although some stages contain objects that heal the party when broken), and it's not possible to change the team's equipment. Completing a round grants a stat-boosting Serum and randomly increases the Leader's Aptitudes.