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The Nether Research Squad is a gameplay feature available in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. It allows the player to send idling units into expeditions to train and get treasure.

How it works[]


The player can choose from a list of various Netherworlds and send research squads to them. Up to 10 units can be sent per squad, and 4 to 10 squads(depending on story progression) can be sent at a time. Beware that units in a research squad cannot be used in battle.

Exploration progresses as the player completes battles, and as the squad explores the Netherworld they'll encounter various enemies, treasure, and other random events. Note that it is possible to call back an expedition that hasn't finished, gaining the rewards that have been obtained so far.

Types of Netherworld[]

There's 2 types of Netherworld that can be found: Famous Netherworlds, which are mainly found by story progression, and Stray Netherworlds, which are only found through expeditions. Up to 100 worlds can be kept at a time, and Stray ones can be deleted to make space for more.

Every world has its own Level, determining the overall strength of enemies, and Rank, determining the quality of the rewards. Stray worlds also have a Collapse Rate, which is a small chance that the world will collapse during exploration, cutting the research short(keeping rewards gained so far) and deleting the world from the list. Some worlds may also be under The Lost's control(indicated by its name being red), heavily increasing the amount of enemies that will appear during research.


Various things are gained from research:

  • Units in the research squad gain EXP/Mana/Class Proficiency from defeating enemies.
  • Some defeated enemies are taken as prisoners.
  • Get various Weapons, Accessories and consumable Items.
  • Find more Netherworlds to explore.

Each Netherworld has a Research Rate that fills as the squad finds items and takes prisoners, ending the research once it reaches 100%. Researching worlds that are already at 100% will not grant any more items/prisoners, but the squad can still find enemies to fight and new Netherworlds.


During research of a Stray world it's also possible to find the world's Overlord, granting the option to depart into a battle with them. The battle is held in a small randomly generated room(Item World-like but without Geo Effects), with multiple other enemies accompanying the Overlord.

After the battle is complete the player can claim their reward, which is always an item of Legendary rarity. Defeating the Overlord and claiming the reward always causes the world to collapse, stopping its research and deleting it from the list.

Overlords of Rank 40 Netherworlds grant an exclusive type of Rank 40 Weapon which comes with a Revenge Booster.