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Neo Final Showdown is an extra stage in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. It is unlocked after defeating the Prinny Baal Pirates.

This stage is only available in the Land of Carnage. It is one of the two extra stages that can be fought repeatedly.


Before the battle[]

The greatest mind in magic and science(the Carnage Prinny Chief, Mao, Jennifer, Aramis, Priere, Marjoly, and Zetta) have gathered together to make the ultimate robot: Pringer X. However, the robot escapes their control and its makers decide to escape, leaving our heroes to deal with the fight.

After the battle[]

Having defeated the strongest enemy in the universe, our heroes earn their place as the strongest warriors. The narration claims that this is not the end of the journey and more formidable opponents are to come, telling our surprised heroes to just "deal with it".


During subsequent visits the stage will contain 8 copies of Pringer X.

Passing the bill to unleash the Land of Carnage drastically increases Pringer X's stats(160 million for HP, 40 million for all other stats), making this the hardest challenge in the game.