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Mystery Rooms are a location within the Item World, introduced in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. Special portals can appear in any non-boss floor, and entering one takes the player to a random Mystery Room. There's all sorts of rooms, containing useful NPCs, optional battles, shops, or various other facilities. Leaving the room returns the player to the floor number they were on, although its layout is randomized again.

Controls within a Mystery Room are the same as within the main hub, and the player is free to move/jump, use items and manage their equipment. Unlike regular shops, those found in a Mystery Room may have Rare or even Legendary items for sale, though they can only be accessed once per visit. While there are rooms dedicated only for battling, some of the rooms with other functions can be turned into a battle by repeatedly talking to a specific NPC.

From Disgaea D2 onwards, Mystery Rooms are entered randomly after clearing/skipping a floor rather than through a separate portal.

Disgaea 2[]

Once a room is entered, a new portal can't spawn again in the same floor nor the next 2. Dark Hero Days introduced additional rooms(listed at the end).

  • Hospital: A Flora Beast that runs a Hospital.
  • Item Shop: A Marionette shopkeeper that sells Weapons, Accessories and consumable Items.
  • Mana Shop: A Magician that sells Mana Potions.
  • Bribery Specialists: An Undead that sells Bribes.
  • Cellphone Shop: A Prinny that sells Cellphones. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to it.
  • Department Store: An Archer NPC, as well as an Item Shop, Mana Shop, Bribery Shop and Cellphone Shop. Each shop can only be entered once per visit. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to the Archer.
  • Rosenqueen Dojo: A Sinner that sells Weapon Scrolls.
  • Rip Off Bar: A Succubus and 3 other female monsters. Can pay 10000 HL or 50% of all your units' HP to increase the Bonus Gauge on the next battle. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to the Succubus.
  • Ambush Room: Seven Monsters of the same class. Complete the battle in two turns to gain 3 levels on the item. Cannot leave without entering battle first. After starting a battle, Mr. Gency's Exit can be used.
  • Dragon's Treasure: A Dragon with 1 to 3 chests(can't be opened outside of battle). Can start a battle by talking to it.
  • Orc Pirates: Orcs that share information about finding pirates, as well as some item chests.
  • Heavy Knight: A lone Knight that always has two legendary Chests and gives a tip to the player about the Land of Carnage.
  • Treasure Room: Free chests for the taking. Usually 3, with one legendary surrounded by two rare chests.
  • Lost Resident: A random lone Monster. Talk to them to add a Collector Specialist to the item(level 1 and subdued).
  • Fortune Teller: A Geomancer fortune teller. Talk to him to randomly gain/lose item levels(+10, +3, -3, -10). Dark Hero Days removes the -10 option. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to him.
  • Mao's Laboratory: (DHD) Mao appears as an NPC. Can enable Magichange 2 on a Monster unit(only 1 per visit).
  • Paint Shop: (DHD) A Holy Dragon that offers one free color change to a Generic unit. After the first encounter a bill can be passed to have them as a NPC at the main hub.
  • Music Store: (DHD) An NPC that sells songs and allows changing the Item World BGM.

Disgaea 3[]

  • Nurse's Room: A Flora Beast that runs a Hospital.
  • Item Shop: An NPC that sells Weapons, Accessories and consumable Items.
  • Bribe Shop: An NPC that sells Bribery items.
  • EXP Potion Shop: An NPC that sells EXP Potions.
  • Mana Potion Shop: An NPC that sells Mana Potions.
  • PA Microphone Shop: An NPC that sells PA Microphones.
  • Item World Carnivale: An Item Shop, Bribe Shop, Potion Shop and PA Microphone Shop.
  • Music Store: An NPC that sells songs and allows changing the Item World BGM.
  • Paint Room: An NPC that lets you recolor a Generic character.
  • Save Icon Shop: An NPC that sells Savegame icons.
  • Mr. Gency's Exit: NPC that gifts you a Mr. Gency's Exit.
  • Scalper: Sells Illegal Tickets for unlocking the X-Dimension Maps. There are two Scalpers, one on Floors 1-49, and one on Floors 51-99. The Illegal Tickets are very expensive, some costing over 10 billion HL so it is recommended that the player save up for them first.
  • Treasure Room: A room filled with many Treasures located on top of platforms with varying heights.
  • Prinny's Inn: A room with 3 Treasure Chests, but you can only open one.
  • Guarded Treasure: An Ifrit with some Treasure Chests. Talk to him to start a battle. The chests can only be opened in battle.
  • Fortune Teller: A fortune teller NPC. Talk to them to randomly gain/lose item levels(+5, +3, -3, -5).
  • Treasure Tower: A room with some treasures and a very high tower with a Lord Cat God at the top that sells Serums. Talking to him the first time will award the player with the "Obey the Cat God" trophy.
  • Worker Room: Can pay to remove the gatekeepers for the next 5 floors.
  • Empusa's Mystery Room The infamous land of Dreams-Come-True. Happy dreams and perfect endings. Either buy the 1,000 HL service or 100,000 HL service. Pre-fills bonus gauge to 3 levels or full for the next floor.
  • Gold Knuckle's Room: (Floor 31+) A shop with Gold Knuckle selling healing items in it.
  • Monster Ambush: (Floor 31+) A room with various enemies. Defeat them in 2 turns to add 3 levels to the item.
  • Sphere Collector:(Level 31+) Gives out free rewards depending on the amount of Level Spheres collected.
  • Monster Training Room: (Floor 31+) Get a free Magichange Weight.
  • Diez Gentlemen Room: (Floor 31+) A room with various Diez Gentlemen. Defeat them in 2 turns to add 5 levels to the item.
  • Skill Transfer Room: (Floor 61+) You can transfer skills from one character to another.
  • Axel's Room: (Floor 61+) A room with Axel alone in it. Talking to him will award the player with the "Axel's Rose" trophy.
  • Trophy Shop: (Floor 91+) A room with a single thief that gives the player the "Trophy Shop Trophy".

Disgaea 4[]

  • Hospital: A Professor that runs a Hospital, along with 2 Flora Beasts.
  • Tradesman: A Lady Samurai shopkeeper that sells Weapons, Accessories and healing Items.
  • Potion Shop: A Magic Knight shopkeeper that sells Potions.
  • Cellphone Dealer: A Prinny shopkeeper that sells Cellphones.
  • Black Market: A Roc shopkeeper that sells Bribes. There's also a Treasure Chest hidden among the boxes.
  • Netheramen Chef: An Armor Knight shopkeeper that sells Ramen items.
  • Shopping Area: An Android NPC along with a Tradesman, Potion Shop, Cellphone Dealer, Black Market, and Netheramen Chef.
  • Item Worlder Encounter: The Item Worlder from the Base Map will give you a free Mr. Gency's Exit. Talking to her three times will force a battle.
  • Treasure Room: A room full of Treasure Chests standing on tall pillars.
  • Treasure Warden: A Giant Dragon with 1 to 3 locked Treasure Chests. The Dragon offers to start a battle when talking to him.
  • Present Room: A Prinny with 3 Treasure Chests. Only one chest can be opened while out of battle.
  • Ambush Room: 7 Monsters of a random class. Cannot leave without starting a fight. Defeating them increases the item's level.
  • Fortune Teller: An Onmyo Monk that gives a random fortune. Talk to him to randomly gain/lose item levels(+5, +3, -3, -5). If negative, defeating him will grant some item levels.
  • Rip-Off Bar: A Succubus shopkeeper and other female classes. You can pay to fill the Bonus Gauge on the next battle by 3 or 9 levels.
  • Gibs Lover: A Beast Master that gifts you a Magichange Weight.
  • Evilection Voting Center: An Evilection Voting Center with 12 random units forming two lines, and an Archer next to a Rare Treasure Chest. Talking to two NPCs writing out their ballot too many times will initiate a battle.
  • Conference Room: A Conference Room with a Wood Golem inside. If signed into the Playstation Network, characters from other players' games will be attending as well. Talking to him too many times will also initiate a battle. (Characters will also enter said battle as enemies)
  • Shroom Room: A Giant Eryngi along with various regular ones. It contains mushroom objects that inflict ailments, as well as Level Up Meats.
  • Raffle Vendor: A vendor that sells raffle tickets which can be used to unveil Treasure Locations at different maps. The tickets are extremely expensive, costing 10 billion HL each.
  • Cemetery Room: A room with a single Ghost acting as a cemetery keeper. Talking to him will start a battle. There are multiple graves that will spawn ghosts if destroyed.
  • Prinny King: A room with a Prinny King standing on top of a Wooden Box Pile. Asks for 50,000 HL to bribe the Gatekeeper with. If he receives the money, the next five floors you enter will have no Gatekeepers blocking Dimensional Gates.
  • Combat Training: Rooms spawns only if signed into the Playstation Network. Three level 800 Giant monsters can be fought if the Combat Chief is talked to twice. Characters from other players games join as NPCs in the battle, but are usually too low-leveled to be of assistance.
  • Sphere Collector: A Roc that gifts you items based on the amount of Level Spheres you have obtained.
  • Cat God's Tower: A tall structure made of various stacks of pillars. At the top there's a Slumber Cat that sells stat-boosting items.
  • Axel's Room: A room with Axel and Pink.
  • Musician: A Succubus shopkeeper that sells music tracks and lets you change the BGM.
  • Character Painter: A Witch shopkeeper that sells color palettes for characters.
  • Save Icon Shop: An Android shopkeeper that sells Save Icons to use as avatars for your saved game data. Avatars of any DLC the player has bought will be added to the shop's inventory. Talking to her six times will force you into battle.

Disgaea D2[]

Rooms are instead called Mystery Islands in this game. A maximum of 2 Mystery Islands can appear in every 10 floors.

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Master: A Female Brawler who challenges the player to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. If the player wins, he or she can get a level boost to the item or an item such as a sardine.
  • Transfer Shop: An island with a Succubus who asks the player if he or she wants to skip a certain amount of floors. The player can skip 5 or 10 floors, but he or she has to pay to skip floors.
  • Innocent Shop: An island where a Thief sells rare Innocents such as Guardians. The player can only purchase one Innocent from the shop per visit.
  • Innocent Plaza: An island where the player can interact with the Innocents inside the Item. Talking to the Innocent increases its value greatly.
  • Item Boss Island: An island where an Item General/King/God gives a free 5%/10%/20% boost to the base stats of the player's item.
  • Character Counseling: A random party member will appear, talking to them gives three options. Choosing the right one will boost relationship with that character.

Disgaea 5[]

Beating a Mystery Room battle increases the item's Training Bonus, which grants increased base stats and Rarity. Like with regular floors, there's Item Levels in the Bonus Gauge.

  • Department Store: A room with Hospital, Item Shop, Potion Shop and Bribery Shop.
  • Curry Shop: A Professor that sells Curry items, along with 4 Dragon Kings. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to her.
  • Item World Shop: The Item Worlder as a shopkeeper that sells Item World items.
  • Cheat Shop: A Clergy that can be paid to trigger one modifier on the next few floors. (Options: No gatekeepers, fill Bonus Gauge, more/less enemies, bigger/smaller rooms, more Invaders, more treasure chests, more Innocents)
  • Mr. Egg's Nest: Can pay Mr. Egg to increase amount of deliveries on the next 5 or 10 floors.
  • Gorgeous Bank: An Archer bank teller. Can keep talking to her to extort her for increasing amounts of HL, but there's a chance she'll summon 5 high level Monsters and start a battle. The exit portal becomes invisible, but it's still there.
  • Bottle Room: 4 Bottles and a boardless Lucky Board. Can start a battle by talking alternately to them.
  • Lucky Board Room: 11 Lucky Boards, although 2 are boardless. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to the one to the right of the exit.
  • Lone Demon: An Undead who claims to keep reincarnating after dying to a powerful boss. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to him.
  • Coliseum: A small circular arena with 1 random Monster. Can start a battle by talking to them. Only 1 unit can be dispatched for the battle.
  • Usamy's Carrot Garden: A large room with 6 Rabbits. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to the one called Usamy.
  • Cloning Lab: A Professor along with copies of 5 clones of your units(their equipment cannot be stolen). Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to her.
  • Sunbathing Cats: 8 Slumber Cats in a circle around a EXP +50% Geo Effect. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to the bottom-middle one.
  • Lost Army: A group of 8 Monsters. Can start a battle by talking to any except the one close and diagonally from the exit.
  • Princess Knight: A throne room with an Armor Knight and 9 male Monsters. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to her.
  • Poisondise Resort: A large pool with 4 Nine-Tails, 3 Sea Angels, 2 Succubus and 1 Nether Noble. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to him.
  • Master Nushi's Hunt: A large area with a Giant Bear on a high platform and 4 Humanoids. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to the Bear.
  • Commuter's Wagon: A 10x10 room packed full of Prinnies, except for a Wrestler and a Warrior in a corner. Can start a battle by talking to the Wrestler and then the Warrior.
  • Giant Monster Battle: A Giant Dragon King and a Giant Twin Dragon, along with a Prinny. Can start a battle by repeatedly talking to the Prinny. If Proto Darkdeath and/or Baal have been defeated, there's a chance they'll replace the Dragon King or Twin Dragon respectively.
  • Treasure Room: A room with various chests(4 Legendary, 10 Rare, 10 Common) standing on columns. Player starts on a high platform, so careful platforming or high jumping power is required.
  • Pie Bar: A Fight Mistress next to a Witch, along with various other NPCs. Talk to the Fight Mistress to watch a scene and get a Pie(fun weapon). Then, can start a battle by repeatedly talking to the Witch.
  • Hot Springs: Interact with the sign for a random healing/damaging effect to all units(HP +100%, HP -50%, SP +100%, SP -50%).
  • Fortune Teller: A Nine-Tails fortune teller. Talk to her to randomly gain/lose item levels(+5, +3, -5). If you lose item levels, you can start a battle by repeatedly talking to her; winning will negate the level loss.
  • Item God's Tower: A short winding path followed by a tall structure with a Sage on top of it(requires high jumping power). Talking to her gives a 50% chance to create an exact copy of the current item.
  • Legendary Weapon: Only appears inside weapons. A room with a Chimera and a rank 40 weapon of the same type as the current one. The weapon can only be taken if you have a character with corresponding Weapon Mastery at level 40 or more(the Carnage version needs Mastery level 100 and having obtained one of the other Carnage rank 40 of the same weapon type).

Disgaea 6[]

Mystery Rooms can spawn repeatedly in the same floor. Beating a Mystery Room fight will advance 1 floor and consequently increase the item's level by 1. Items available in shops will depend on the Rank of the traveled item.

  • Gatekeeper Remover: A Clergy that can be paid to prevent Gatekeepers from appearing for a certain amount of floors: 5 for 10,000 HL, 10 for 100,000 HL, 20 for 100,000 HL, 50 for 10,000,000 HL.
  • Towertop Item God: A Prinny on top of a tall structure. Will require good jumping power to reach. Asks to pick one option, but no matter what it adds a random Unique Innocent to the item.
  • Chest Room: A room with 17 chests. Might require precise platforming or good jumping power to reach all.
  • Item Worlder: The Item World NPC as a shopkeeper that sells Item World items.
  • Department Store: A room with 2 shops: An Archer that sells all types of healing items (in equipable items also sells all items in that category of lower rank), and an Undead that sells Bribes. There's also a Magic Knight whose Potion Shop is out of business.
  • Clone Room: A Psychic along with 3 to 5 clones of your characters, albeit with level and equipment adjusted to match regular enemies. Talk to the Psychic twice to start a battle.
  • Duel Room: A lone Evil Eye who offers to battle. Only 1 unit can be dispatched for this battle.
  • Bank Room: A Mecha Girl bank teller that hands you some HL when interacted. Can keep interacting to get more HL, however on each attempt there's a chance to instead start a battle. Additional high-level enemies will be summoned for this battle.
  • Board Room: 9 Lucky Boards (EXP Boy) and 1 bonusless Lucky Board. Talk repeatedly to the bonusless to start a battle.
  • Hot Pot Master Room: 5 Evil Eyes and 3 Pincer Shells. The leader of each group asks to join them, and doing so starts a battle against the other group.
  • Bodybuilding Room: An Armor Knight, a Psychic and 4 Warriors. Talk to the Armor Knight repeatedly to start a fight.
  • Asagi Fan Club: An Archer, a Clergy, a Psychic, a Sea Angel and a Horseman. The Archer gives 3 options: first one grants a Gold Bar, second one kicks you out of the room, third one starts a fight.

Disgaea 7[]

Rooms whose only function is a battle grant 3 Item Levels when beat.

  • Pop-Up Shop: A Zombie Maiden shopkeeper. There's 3 versions of the shop: one sells Bribes, one sells the 3 lowest ranked %-healing items and Hands, one sells the 2 highest ranked %-healing items and Hands.
  • Item Worlder Room: A room with Item Worlder, who gifts you 3 Mr. Gency Exits.
  • Cheat Shop: A Sorcerer that sells temporary modifiers to the Item World: remove gatekeeper (5, 10 or 20 floors), increase/decrease enemies (5 or 10 floors), spawn Treasure Chests (1 floor), spawn Innocents (1 floor), spawn Lucky Boards (1 floor).
  • Gambler's Room: A Gunner that asks for HL. Next time you find him he will have lost the money of give you double what you handed him. If he lost, you can talk repeatedly to battle.
  • Fortune Teller: A Big Eye that gives a random fortune, increasing or decreasing Item Levels. Keep talking to start a battle. Defeating him nullifies the fortune.
  • Duplication Shop: A Maiko that sells an exact copy of the currently visited item.
  • Empty Room: Just a Horseman. Sometimes(the Horseman will insist that there's nothing else) there's a secret path behind where you spawn that leads to a Duplication Shop.
  • Research Lab: A Professor along with 6 Prinnies. There's 2 Rare Chests that require good jumping power to reach.
  • Maze Room: A room with a small maze. There's 3 Treasure Chests inside it.
  • Treasure Room: A tall platform with 9 Treasure Chests. Requires good platforming and jumping power to reach.
  • Board Room: A room with 9 Lucky Boards. Talk to the middle one repeatedly to start a battle.
  • Guarded Treasure: A Dragon and a Jumbo Treasure Chest. Talk to him repeatedly to start the battle. The Rage Meter will be filled from the start.
  • Streaming Room: A Mecha Girl streamer and the Martial Artist that secretly controls her. Talk to him repeatedly to start a battle.
  • Cat Cafe: 3 Slumber Cats and 3 Felynns. Talk repeatedly to one of the Slumber Cats to start a battle.
  • Fishing Crew: A Ninja, Psychic, Warrior, Lady Samurai and Magician, as well as a Jumbified Prinny. Talk repeatedly to the Warrior to start a battle.
  • Sumo Match: 2 Pincer Shells on a ring and 6 other NPCs watching. Talk repeatedly to the Pincer Shell of class "Yokozuna" to start a battle.
  • Sauna: 12 NPCs of various classes. Talk repeatedly to the Male Armor Knight to start a battle.