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Monster Mounting

A row of generic characters riding on Winged Warriors.

Monster Mounting is a gameplay feature in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness where a Humanoid and a Monster can combine into a single unit, acting as a replacement of Magichange.

Monsters have a basic command called "Mount" which lets them pick up an adjacent ally Humanoid, combining into a single unit with both the Monster's and the Humanoid's Evilities. Unlike Magichange, there's no time limit and they can be split back into 2 units or even combine again at any time.

While in this state, the Monster handles movement and takes all damage, and if they die the Humanoid remains in the battlefield as normal. On the other hand, the Humanoid handles attacks/skills, and while their Unique Skills and Weapon Skills are disabled they gain access to the Monster's Mounted Skill, whose power grows depending on the likeability between both units.