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Giant Monster Disgaea 4

A fused Flora Beast next to some regular ones.

Monster Fusion is a feature in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten that allows Monster units to fuse together to become a Giant Unit.

When a Monster is adjacent to another they have access to the "Fusion" command. Using this command lets them fuse into the target, making them Giant and granting various bonuses. Since the target's body would need to occupy 5 panels in a cross upon becoming Giant, the command can only be used if there's enough space around the target.

Monster Fusion comes with the following bonuses:

  • Target gains 30% of the command user's base stats, +1% per Fusion Lover in the user.
    • If the user is in the Beast Lab, the target will also get a percentage of user's Weapon stats.
  • Target gains the command user's main Evility.
  • Target's Unique Skills gain increased range and/or area of effect, as well as a slight damage boost.
  • Increases the multiplier from Evility Shop boosts in the target's attack skills.
  • EXP and Mana obtained by the fused Monster is fully earned by both participants.

A fused Monster will spend 20% of max SP at the start of each turn(decreased to 15% in rereleases). Fusion ends if the Monster's SP runs out, splitting back into 2 Monsters with 0 SP each.

If the fusion target is in the Fusion Weapon Lab they can perform Giant Magichange, becoming a giant weapon and passing some of the fusion bonuses to the Humanoid.

A Monster in the Carnage Master Symbol can fuse into an already fused monster, adding more stats and its main Evility. Note that Monsters have a limit of 4 Evilities, and if this new inherited Evility were to cross that limit it will instead replace the previously inherited one.