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Creatures in all shapes and sizes.

This page is about the type of character class. For the monster weapon types, see Monster weapon.

Monster is one of the 2 types of Class featured in the Disgaea series. Monster classes cover various species of creatures in all shapes and sizes. Monsters' abilities are usually based around their physiology and nature: Prinnies are explosive, Sludges are physically resilient, Succubi weaken men, etc. Some classes are classified as Monster despite their Human-like appearance(like Raspberyl or the Succubus), since they fight using their own unique tools and techniques. A few Monster classes look like they use familiar weapon types(like Prinny's Swords or Noble Demon's Axe), but this is purely aesthetic and has no relationship to Humanoid weapons.

Notable characteristics that differentiate them from Humanoids:

  • Weapons: They have 2 Weapon types, covering physical or magical stats. Since Disgaea 5, Monsters also benefit from the Weapon Mastery system.
    • In Disgaea 1, only the physical weapon type is present.
    • In Disgaea 6 only, Monsters instead use the same weapons as Humanoids.
  • Skills: All Monsters learn 4 Unique Skills through leveling up. Despite now benefiting from Weapon Mastery, they still don't learn Weapon Skills.
    • In games with Magichange, Monsters learn 2 Magichange Skills, usable by their wielder.
    • In Disgaea D2, Monsters learn one Mounted Skill.
  • Commands: Monsters can't Lift or Throw. Since Disgaea 3 they have the Receive mechanic, where they can extend throws by bouncing units. Disgaea 5 also introduces the Mon-Toss command, which lets them throw without lifting first.
    • From Disgaea 3 to 5(including rereleases of 2), Monsters can perform Magichange.
    • In Disgaea D2, Monsters have the Monster Mounting mechanic.
    • In Disgaea 6 only, Monsters can Lift and Throw just like Humanoids.
  • Unlock: Before Disgaea 5, classes were unlocked by defeating one unit of that class in battle.
  • Other:
    • In Disgaea 1, almost all Monster classes have 100% Aptitude in all stats.
    • In Disgaea 4 and rereleases of 3, Monsters get an additional Evility slot.